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10 Free Apps for Beginners of Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

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June 10, 2012

If you happen to be someone new to the Windows Phone gadget and are not much aware of Nokia Lumia 800 or Lumia 710, then I’d like to inform you about the integration of ‘Windows capabilities along with the power plus experiences users will get to have with Nokia’ is something totally new and it includes all the vital elements of an incredible Smartphone. Considering the solid and impressive outlook, superior performance along with a powerful and robust OS of Windows makes this Nokia gadget more of a power house. In this post I am listing down the 10 best and free applications for Nokia Lumia Windows phone which you are going to enjoy on your device a lot. They are as under:


Although Nokia smartphones do have tremendous assimilation of Facebook yet it has been recommended to opt for this particular app. the app is available free of cost and will enable you to organize your Facebook account by providing you with full control of your account right form your gadget.

Xbox Companion

It is yet another magnificent application for all the Xbox 360 lovers. The particular application is going to make your Nokia device into a combined remote and search control apparatus for your console. Xbox Companion is going to facilitate you by fully intriguing the sting out of typing and enabling you to make casual browsing right from your device.


This app will enable you to upload your photos to an online server which can later on be shared with your family and friends on an extremely friendly interface. It happens to be among one of the best applications that are available free of cost and enables you to get connected through your Windows Phone 7 gadget.

ESPN Goals

In case you are someone who happens to be a football enthusiastic then you do not need to worry as ESPN Goal is the app which is going to provide you with all the highlights right away after a match has finished and it features the related information on the particular match as well.

BBC News Mobile

Although this is not an official BBC news application but it is useful in providing the hottest news that is pulled right from BBC and also offer alerts on news, stories, latest buzz from BBC world.


We are all aware of how popular Groupon is. With this application you will be able to have access to a complete rate of various services right on your device. You will be able to get your hands on super saving coupons for marts and it provides information on the services and offers in your area.

YouTube Pro

Windows operating system has already integrated its own Free YouTube application with all the Windows phone and it is known as one of the best apps for Nokia Lumia devices. However, YouTube pro is a lot faster and will enable you upload all the required videos pretty quick.


With this app, you will be able to send a large number of messages to your friends as WhatsApp is an IM service that offer services of multiple platforms.


It happens to be an incredible app for organizing, storing and taking notes. You can even attach the related voice messages, images that accompany your notes.


I’m pretty sure you are aware of what IMDb is about. It is a site for video information and trailers of latest movies. You will be able to find all the information about your favorite movies so that you can have the best experience when you are considering watching one.

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