3 awesome productivity apps

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June 6, 2012

Being productive is something that comes along fairly easy these days, but staying productive…well, that is a whole different subject altogether. We live in a busy bee world, but we also live in a world that is constantly occupied by distractions. With the entire internet being available to us, at our beck and call, at all times, it is tough to stay focused on tasks, and it is even tougher to remember every little thing we have to do in one day. But, because the world is more connected than ever before, we can also use those very same distracting computers for good- such as helping us remember everything we have to do in one day and to help us become more productive no matter where we may be at any given time.

1. Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk is a great computer and iPhone app that can help you keep track of your busy schedule. Essentially, this app is a note keeper/ task manager that fits in your pocket. This app is really tailored towards people who tend to keep a lot of hand-written and sticky notes around the house in order to not forget about tasks and events. The best thing is that the Remember the Milk app transfers notes and tasks via every social media site and e-mail account that you own, so you can keep track of literally just about every aspect of your life. You will never forget anything again with this app.

2. 1Password

This app is a genious idea that is so simple, you are probably going to be surprised that it did not exist before. This app will store and save every single password you have for every single account you have online. You have probably experienced that hassle that comes with forgetting a password to some site you barely use, but you still want to have the account. That will never happen again. No more brain farts to deal with, no more frustration, no more forgetting. With 1 Password, you can be productive by having instant access to all of your online accounts from any location.

3. Ever Note

Ever Note is a great productivity app because it can pretty much organize everything that can ever be organized in your life. It sounds impossible, but Ever Note will surprise you. Some of the popular uses include taking photos of receipts, which you can save for taxes and budgetary analysis among other things, as well as making checklists, shopping lists and saving articles, which you can go back to and read later. There are very few things that Ever Note can not do. You can also adjust the settings on the app in order to share notes and other info with friends online. Perhaps, the best thing that the online Ever Note app has going for it- although there are many- is the very simple and basic fact that it is totally, completely free!

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