7 must have android apps for bloggers

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April 13, 2012

The Android market offers some great apps for bloggers. They can blog on-the-go using some of these cool & useful blogging apps:

1. WordPress

A large number of bloggers use WordPress accounts for blogging. The WordPress Android app allows users to conveniently carry on with their blogging through their smartphone, wherever they go. This Android app allows creating, editing and publishing of new posts, as well as seeing blog statistics and managing comments – everything just like you would do on your desktop. Moreover, it supports self-hosted WordPress blogs also in addition to the WordPress.com blogs. The app comes with a smart dashboard that makes switching between various options on the menu a breeze e.g. jumping from New Post to Comments.

2. Tumblr

This one is for micro-blogging enthusiasts who use Tumblr to express themselves. The Tumblr Android app allows you to do all that you do from your desktop, but from the convenience of your smartphone. It allows posting of text, photos, video-links, etc. It also enables users to follow other tumblelogs of their interest, as well as re-blog the posts that they like onto their own tumblelog. The Tumblr app offers the advantage of finding and following people from your address book that are there on Tumblr as well.

3. Blogger

This Android app is for those bloggers who use Google’s Blogger platform for their blogs. Though it is not a full-flash version and some formatting features are amiss, it still allows writing and publishing new blog-posts with great ease while on the move. It also allows you to add pictures and even location to your posts.

4. Travel Blog

As the name suggests, this app makes life easy for the travel bloggers. It allows users to blog about their current location along with a small description of the place. Thus if you are following a travel itinerary that you want to blog about, this is a great app. This way, the followers of your blog can also use your travel itinerary for planning their future travels.

5. LiveJournal

For the fans and users of LiveJournal, this app is just perfect. It allows you to access your journal on your smartphone and make entries with great ease. Just like its desktop version, it allows posting of new entries and managing the already published posts as well as comments.

6. Moby

This app allows video-blogging also, in addition to posting pictures, text and audio. The greatest advantage of Moby is that it distributes to 25 sites and services which include all your favorite social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc), services (YouTube) and blogging platforms (Blogger, WordPress, etc). However, Moby has mixed reviews from users (some list problems with core functionality, whereas others find it useful) so it is advisable to do your own research and then decide.

7. CellSpin

This one is just the same as Moby in terms of the functions that it allows you to perform – posting text, video, pictures etc to different sites. However, this Android app comes with a price ($1.99).

The Android App market offers a world of possibilities and great options for blogging enthusiasts. It is up to the users to pick and choose the best apps to suit their blogging needs and style.

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