Advantages of Using a Mobile Survey App

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June 16, 2012

Everywhere you look, the world has gone mobile.

Whether it be mobile computers (tablets) or mobile phones; in particular, the ubiquitous smartphone. People seem to constantly on the go and they want the convenience of their technology “essentials”with them at all times.

This trend, which not only shows no signs of abating, but rather only seems to be gathering momentum, has profound effects for business and how it is conducted. In many instances, the rules of yesteryear are no longer valid and unless businesses implement processes that move with the times, they may find themselves as obsolete as last years’ mobile phone.

One area of business that has been heavily impacted by the mobile revolution has been the survey industry. The “old”days of conducting surveys over the phone or going door to door are becoming passé and losing ground to the new kid on the block – mobile app surveys.

Mobile app surveys enable the surveyor to approach the subject in the environment best suited to the survey required. For example, want to survey a certain demographic about shoe trends; the surveyor can now approach potential respondents in the field, outside a shoe shop. Consequently, mobile survey app enable surveys to be performed face to face, on relevant interviewees who provide instant feedback. Survey data can now be augmented with geo-location capabilities, barcode scanning, as well as via photo, video and voice communication

All current mobile hardware is wi-fi enabled. This allows feedback to be instantly uploaded thereby providing instant feedback and facilitating the updating of survey data and correction of errors should it be required. This capability is available in real-time and provides a priceless opportunity to interact with the target market from anywhere in the world in a non-threatening, personal manner.

The ability to conduct a current, focused survey in the field adds a human touch to the survey that cannot be replicated over the phone. There is a higher probability that the interviewers request for a survey will meet a positive response and by being able to interact with the respondent with the assistance of “cool” technology would perhaps assist in a more honest response to the survey being received.

These benefits of mobile app surveys result in greater efficiency in the survey process and consequently cost savings. Mobile survey apps are easy and relatively cheap. They are quick and easy to customize, and are another path to accessing relevant and timely data.

The future of surveys is upon us – mobile survey apps.


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