Android apps for language learners

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August 22, 2012

Do you have a penchant for learning a language? If you do, you do not have to enroll yourself in an institution that teaches you languages. Get smart and turn to your Android smartphone to master the language you wish. There are many companies that are involved in the creation of language learning apps. You can download an app on your Android phone with great ease. A majority of apps come to you with learning lessons, instructions and tests that you can take up to enhance your learning experience.

Two of the best language learning Android apps have been reviewed. The next time you wish to download an app to learn a language, you can consider downloading any of the following.


This news came as a sigh of relief for the Android smartphone users. A company regarded as a pioneer in the creation and launching of apps for iPhone and iPad users has launched an app for language learners for the Android phone users. Hello-Hello has launched about a dozen language learning apps. You can download the language learning app and learn Dutch, English, French, Russian, Spanish German, Indonesian and Italian among other languages. What makes these apps more sort after is the fact that they have been developed in collaboration with the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).  You do not have to take a break from learning while using this app. The Hello-Hello language app lets you access lessons from almost anywhere. You do not require a Wi-Fi internet service or a 3G network connection to access the app.

If you like graphics and animations this app will impress you. With this app you will learn a language the professional way. Through this app you can learn more than a thousand of the most commonly used words and phrases. This is an audio video app. This makes language learning with this app more fun and interesting.  Included in this app are images of native speakers backed by prerecorded audio files. You can explore the word games, spell check and self-voice recording that come to you with the app. If learning a language is on your mind, you can discover an all new way of learning with the Hello-Hello app.


Babble is another company that had been in the news some time ago for the creation of language learning app for Android smartphone platform users.  This company has been in the business of language education through its web portal. This app is available for download free of cost.


If you wish to experience thematic learning, this app is your best tutor. Lessons in this app are titled ‘Leisure Tine’, ‘Holidays’, ‘Digital World’, ‘Culture’ etc. This app is a storehouse of about 3000 most commonly used words of a language. These words are supported by images and the audio contains the words being pronounced by the native language speakers. With speech recognition you can learn to pronounce words the way they are pronounced. Speech recognition helps you improve your pronunciation. If you wish to combine learning with fun and entertainment, this app will be of great respite. The language learning app allows users to take advantage of the social networking features.  If you want to learn a language and stay connected with your near and dear ones what better way to do it?

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