Best Educational Apps for the iPad

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February 5, 2012

Even the youngest children seem to be able to navigate their way easily on iPads, tablets and smart phones. It seems to be second nature for them. Since they love to play with them and love to learn it makes perfect sense that the two would be a match made in cyber heaven – and indeed it is. There are educational apps for every level of learning and in just about any subject you can imagine. Let’s examine some of the ways the iPad can make learning fun and easy. It has literally put education right at our children finger tips.

English Language Arts – There are apps that help with reading, writing, grammar, and building vocabulary.

  • How Rocket Learned to Read – This fun and interactive app helps young children with letter recognition and learn how to spell sight words.
  • Grammar Up HD – Helps students improve their grammar, vocabulary and word selection.

Mathematics – There are apps that can help at any level of mathematical education – from number recognition, counting additional and subtraction to algebra, statistics and more.

  • MathBoard – Basic math drills and quizzes featuring addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Motion Math – Super fun math game for grades 3-6 – focuses on decimals, fractions and percentages.

Science – Students can discover the worlds of biology, physics, anatomy, astronomy, and more.

  • 3-D Brain – This apps shows and describes to student all of the parts of the brain.
  • Frog Dissection – All the educational information gained from dissecting a frog but without the mess.
  • The Elements a Virtual Exploration – Discover the periodic table in a fun and visually entertaining way.

History & Geography – There are apps and maps that can help students learn about the world today and yesterday. There are videos games and more.

  • History: Maps of the World – A large variety of maps, old and new

Art & Creativity – Students can draw, paint, make music and even learn about art history and famous works of art.

  • Art – Students can explore and learn more about historic pieces of art.

Educational Tools – There are an enormous amount of tools, sharing options and study aids that can assist with their studies.

  • Edmodo – Great for sharing documents and information.

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