Educational Apps for the Android Tablet

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November 21, 2012

Tablets are making themselves present in nearly every aspect of life. Schools are turning towards the mobility and ease of use for teaching children as teachers find them informative and useful. As developments in app creation escalate, support for a variety of educational methods become available. What are some of the best educational apps for Android tablets?
1. ST Math – Schools all over the country utilize the ST Math web application. Now, there is a school version of ST Math available for the Android and the iPad. Students can access their accounts through tablet devices instead of the desktop computer.

2. Accelerated Reader – Another great program used by many schools is the Accelerated Reader web application. Available for both Android and iOS, The Book Search app can help find books available for AR by scanning their barcodes to see if available reading levels and quizzes are available. Its a great addition to a well deserving teaching application.

3. Space Images – Created by NASA’s own Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Space Images brings a wide array of pictures taken of galaxies, planets, stars and more. These images can also be saved as backgrounds on your Android devices.

4. Numbers and Math – Designed for young children, Kids Numbers and Math is a great app to help them learn the basics of numbers and mathematical equations. Using visual aids, this program could be a useful tool in the classroom and at home.

5. English Grammar – Helping our children build a strong use of the English language can help them articulate themselves clearly. Practice English Grammar is an app for the basics of sentence structure with interactive quizzes.

6. Wiki Encyclopedia – Although many don’t view Wikipedia as a viable source of information, the site itself is full of that which is true. Wiki Encyclopedia is the app version of the website with the ability to save content offline locally for future referencing.

7. Britannica Encyclopedia – Although the paper book versions of the Britannica may be out of print, Britannica offers a wide selection of encyclopedias. The Britannica Encyclopedia 2012 includes more than 25,000 articles covering various aspects of human knowledge. There is also a wide range of Britannica Kids encyclopedias covering many interesting aspects for children such as space, dinosaurs, and more. Britannica Encyclopedia is produced by Paragon Software while the Britannica Kids encyclopedias are produced by Encyclopedia Britannica Inc.

App creators usually make these programs for both iPad and Android devices. If you can’t find the exact title on both devices, there is a very good chance you will find a similar title with the same purpose in mind. Demonstrate how much fun the tablets can be, but also engage the children on an educational level.

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