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ESET’s Facebook app can scan you computer online

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August 24, 2011

There are many antivirus websites that offer free online scanning services. But beware, there are similar malware as well, that look like online scanners but instead infiltrate your PC. ESET, the company behind the popular antivirus software ESET has released an online scanner. The best thing about this online scanner by ESET is that it is a Facebook application and you can use it right from Facebook.

Just go to the ESET online scanner application page and authorize it from your account. Once done, you will see a page with a big button saying “Run the Scan”. Click on it and you will see a new popup window. ESET then asks you to download ESET smart installer that you can easily uninstall once the scan is completed. But if you are running the test on Internet Explorer, downloading this tool won’t be necessary.

ESET say that this tool can detect and remove malware from your computer. ESET online scanner uses the same ThreatSense scanning technology as used in ESET smart security and NOD32 antivirus software. ESET online scanner therefore offers free online scan for your computer.

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