Game On With Your BlackBerry Phones

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October 26, 2012

Game On With Your BlackBerry Phones

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How do we play? We all play differently. Some want to play outdoors. They want to run, hide under trees, swim in lakes, and bike around the suburb. Some want to play indoors. They want to play games like chess, scrabble, or boggle, watch Dora the Explorer, and probably do some cooking, with parental guidance of course. Playing has been a common concept since forever. From baked mud shaped into pies and pots to ceramic dolls and toy cars, we play. No one is exempted from it. Even if the person does not have a pretty childhood, they still remember times when they played in their own little ways. Like when you sell BlackBerrys, we always have the option of what we want to do. And playing is always a great option.

BlackBerry phones are dubbed corporate smartphones because they have features far superior to some of the most modern smartphones in the market today. The multitasking features RIM’s phones can bring are unparalleled. The BlackBerry Messenger is still an app that cannot be passed even with the use of social networking site apps and messenger apps alike. BlackBerrys are still used even now. That’s a living testament that despite financial loss and its fading in the smartphone market, BlackBerry is still a smartphone worth investing in. Games also make BlackBerry phones interesting. Here are some of BlackBerry’s well-loved and most played games:

Bubble Army

The simplest games can be the best ones around. The well-loved and classic Tetris game takes center stage again but with a twist. The main aim of the game is that each player has a series of bubbles that contains a number of “armies.” As you attack another bubble, the attacking bubble loses half of its armies. The goal is to take over all enemy and neutral bubbles to control the entire board. It’s easy to learn this game and it will bring more excitement once you increase difficulty.

Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A.

The fans of Grand Theft Auto will find a haven in this game. Developed earlier, the effects are not that astounding at all. The game’s plot is basic. You are a thug who goes around the LA streets stealing cars and money. Along the way, you get to shoot cops and fight with pedestrians. This game is not for children and it is certainly not work-friendly but it is entertaining nonetheless. If you do not want to play this, you can actually sell your BlackBerry and find other phones with better game apps.

Air Traffic Control

The planes you want to ride in are those that fly and land safely. That’s a given fact. However, how would you feel if you were to try to guide planes to take off and land for a day? Could you take the stress? Air Traffic Control helps you answer the question. The games objective is to safely guide planes landing and taking without congesting the airport. This pressure test will keep floating with heels up high. The game is best suited for BlackBerry Storm phones.

Play games with BlackBerry. RIM’s phones are not the best game phones around but they certainly have what it takes to be a smartphone. You might sell your BlackBerry just in case you don’t enjoy it. Besides, playing does not only come in one form.

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