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Google Maps app for iPhone5? not yet at least

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September 25, 2012

Despite the horde of new features announced for iPhone 5, users of the device are pretty disappointed with the below par performance of Apple’s own mapping application. It comes nowhere near Google Maps in terms of usability or accuracy. On top of that, it looks like iPhone users won’t be getting a dedicated Google maps app for iPhone5, at least not just yet.

Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt has said that their company isn’t working on any Google Maps iPhone5 app. This comes as a real blow to both iPhone5 users and the users of earlier iPhones who updated their device to the latest OS, iOS 6.

According to Reuters, Schmidt said, “We have not done anything yet”. Apple and Google who are on a cutthroat battle for superiority in the mobile arena and Apple’s decision to root out Google maps from iPhone has surely escalated the tension among them by a bit. Schmidt was kind of sad on Apple’s decision and said that nothing can be done from Google’s side, they cannot probe Apple to change their mind.

However, this is just a hint from the chairman, one wouldn’t be very surprised to see a Google Maps app for iPhone if it is launched anyway in the future. Schmidt said that although the media is lured by Apple’s marketing and branding strategies, the numbers are on Google’s side with their larger market share than Apple.

Lets see, if Google really decides against building a Google Maps app for iOS6.

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