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March 24, 2012

Why have Google changed the name of their Android Market? This is the question many of us dedicated Android fans have been asking since its implementation. Once the Android Market now Google Play Store what do you make of the shift?

Many have speculated as to why this name change has occurred. Many believe it is something to do with providing Android users with a complete a platform on which to access media of all types. Not only Android apps. This would make sense. Look at the iTunes store for instance. Not only does it provide its users with a whole host of media, but it does so in a streamlined, easy to navigate and quite frankly, sleek way. It is no stretch of the imagination to suggest Schmidt, Rubin and co are attempting for the same success.

There has been much in the way of boasting at this years WMC. It seems this new branding is an attempt to maintain if not increase the amount of new handsets made operating with the Android OS.

If we look at Apple’s exponential success we can see that a large part of it relates to the comprehensiveness of the platform, that is the accessibility of a whole host of media in one place. Apple’s app store has, since inception, provided its users with a whole wealth of data. This is something that Google has failed to do thus far, with its primary focus on apps alone. Although few would argue the Android OS is in any way as rigid as its chief competitor Apple’s OSX, it could be argued that the freedom it employs with regards to that, was not reflected in the former Android Market.

It is this writers hope that the Google Play Store marks that sort of change for both smartphone and tablet users alike. After all Android users deserve a fully functioning ecosystem too. With the continued patent wars raging between the two companies this too may prove to act as a symbolic event, levelling the playing fields. I always saw Android as the OS that had it been at school with Apple would have accepted its beatings without protest, until one day, following the extensive pep talk of it’s mother, for arguments sake lets call her, Berry Schmidt, entered the school playground and stood up to his tormentor.

Hopefully this too marks the end of Apple’s dominance. It certainly ought to go a long way in helping out anyway.

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