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How a Stay-At-Home Mom Can Easily become an iPhone App Development Professional

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September 21, 2012

Stay-at-home moms who have loads of free time on their hand can put this time to some constructive use by taking up activities that they can put to good use, financially. For instance, they can take up writing, knitting, learning a musical instrument etc. However, if you are a stay-at-home mom and want to do something new and earn out of it, you can try your hand at becoming an iPhone app development professional. Let us take a look at some basic steps, which will help you in your become an iPhone app developer from home.

Purchase a Mac machine

The very first step to becoming an expert iPhone app developer from home is to invest in a basic Mac machine (doesn’t matter if it is second-hand). If you already have one at your home, then check whether it requires any upgrade or not. If required upgrade it to Mac OS X Leopard version or a higher version. Else, you can invest in a Mac Mini, which is portable and easy on the pockets. You can also buy a Mac Book if it meets your budget constraints.

Join the iPhone developer program

Register yourself as an iPhone developer for $99 on Apple’s developer site. This program is beneficial because–

a. It allows you to test your app on an actual iPhone device instead of the iPhone simulator

b. It allows you to submit your apps to App Store

Once you are registered as an official iPhone developer, you can proceed to the next step, which is to be aware of various tools and technologies related to development of iPhone apps.

Read about various tools and technologies used for developing iPhone apps

Consider this as your warm-up exercise. Buy a beginner’s guide to iPhone app and similar books/eBooks for this purpose and then read about the tools and technologies used to develop the app. Read all you can about iPhone technologies and tools on a number of sites, which have exclusive news about the iPhone. This will give you an overall idea about its working and also makes you comfortable with the iPhone environment before you actually start coding an app.

Download iOS SDK

Immediately after getting your knowledge updated in a number of iPhone tools and technologies, download the iOS SDK. The SDK is nothing but a collection of development tools, which is available to the developers for free. You’ll get all that is required to build your iPhone app, which includes but is not limited to the XCode suite of tools, iPhone simulator, code library, sample, and documentation.

Take help of online resources

There are a number of online resources such as tutorials, videos, eBooks, websites, which help you learn the basics of iPhone app development from home. Alternatively, you can join a number of developer forums (a melting pot of amateur developers and industry experts) and network with fellow developers. Whenever you are stuck while developing your app, you can always take the help of these online resources to save your time.

Dedicate a few hours every day for practice

The last and final step is to set a time during which, you will work on your app from home. It can be anytime in the day, maybe after your kids have left for school or on weekends (provided you are free). Use this time to try your hand at creating various apps and testing them.

These were some of the steps using which you can easily become an iPhone app development professional from a stay-at-home-mom; and this change will happen in a few week or months.

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