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How To Find Out If Your Cell Phone Is Monitored By Spy Software

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October 25, 2012

Mobile phone tracking software has become a controversial tool. You can use a cell phone tracking app in order to keep close tabs on your kids, spouse and employees to make sure they are not doing something wrong. Such tracking apps, however, are being used maliciously as well. If someone is tracking your smartphone, this means that person can access your contacts, messages, conversations, pix and so on. In other words, your personal data will be compromised.

Advanced mobile phone tracking apps allow you to record voice conversation and function as “bugs”. These apps can tap into the microphone of the smartphone allowing you to listen to phone conversations. At times, it can be dangerous. Someone can use this feature in order to get sensitive information during your important business meetings.

Many legal concerns are associated with mobile phone monitoring apps. You can use such apps only to track your own handset. In most states, tracking someone’s mobile phone without their consent is against the law. If someone is caught making use of such an app, it can result in a tidy sum of fine and years of jail time.

The downside of mobile phone monitoring apps is that it is difficult to know whether someone is tracking you at a certain time. Given below are some tips you can use in order to tell whether you are being tracked through a tracking app.

Have you ever had trouble turning your cell off? Does the screen remain lit even after turning the cell off? If so, then chances are that your cell is being tracked. If your cell lights up automatically in idle mode, this is also an indicator that someone is tracking it. Aside from this, clicking during voice calls, reduced battery timing and unusual increased phone bills indicate something fishy.

These apps are secretly installed and are hard to be detected. You cannot even find such an app in the apps and downloads section of your smartphone. Even bug detectors fail to detect such apps. There are some easy ways to rid your cell of any hidden spy apps. One way is to wipe the memory of your smartphone. Another way is to have the spy software removed by a mobile phone service provider. The later one is the easiest solution to get rid of a cell phone spy app. However, doing this on your own can save you time and money.

In sum, mobile phone monitoring apps can be installed for personal use. You can install these apps on your kids’ cell phones in order to make sure they are safe. Do not use such apps illegally or you will have to face the music. Only use such apps for positive purposes!

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