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Improve Your Fitness By Running From Zombies

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March 20, 2012

Zombies have always been an internet craze but have gotten so popular that they have been involved in everything from books to movies to games. Although there is one area that they really haven’t penetrated yet. Fitness. Well now there is a new app that looks to combine the generally daunting and unpleasant world of exercise and weight loss with the blood pumping world of zombies.

Zombies, Run was created by the app developers over at Six to Start. What it essentially does is turn your daily jogs into a game. Slip on your running shoes, put on your headphones and you are transferred to a world where you are now Runner 5 and it is up to you to go on runs and collect supplies for your base. While running, you will automatically collect supplies such as medicine. You will also hear the growling and moaning of zombies as they get closer to you, which provides some motivation for you to pick up the pace.

But Zombies, Run isn’t just little game of scavenging for supplies. There’s an entire story behind it. Aside from the sounds of zombies chasing you, you also hear radio transmissions that help build a story of where the zombies came from in the first place. This story background encompasses transmissions, but also documents and puzzles.

After you finish your runs, the game doesn’t end. Back home you now have to decide how to use all the supplies you’ve collected. Who in the base gets the medicine you’ve acquired and what do you use to fortify and expand the base? These are all decisions that you will have to make in the course of the game.

But what if you want to listen to music on your runs rather than just the continuous sound of zombies? Well, the app adjusts for that. You can choose your playlist of music prior to running and the app will include the bits of story and zombie related goodness in between your songs. In future updates, Six to Start wants to make Zombies, Run a full-fledged fitness app that can be used to track your progress and weight loss. Among the metrics that are soon to be added are distance, time, calories burned, audio notifications, and integration with RunKeeper.

There’s no question that Zombies, Run is an app that requires some imagination. Though the novelty of zombies chasing you may die quickly, the story and game elements could bring you back to keep on running.

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