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iPad vs. iPhone vs. iPod Touch: What’s Best For Your Gaming Buck?

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November 10, 2012

There is no question that Apple makes a solid product. There is also no question that there is an extremely large amount of Apps that are available for those products, so the question is not if Apple is the best mobile gaming device but which Apple mobile gaming devices is the best for gaming?


The iPhone is extremely popular, and now with the iPhone 5 you have a 2” larger screen to enjoy that little extra bit of area to play a serious game. There are a lot of games that are available for the iPhone that are not available for Android devices, so that puts and edge over the competition. It is a nice size device that you can hold in your hand the only issue is that when you are playing more involved games it would be nicer to have a larger screen so that your fingers are not covering up a good portion of the graphics.

The iPhone is staying up to date with the latest games, and offers a decent amount of action games. It is a great gaming device, but you may want to use something with a larger screen for your graphic heavy hitter games. The other nice thing about gaming with the iPhone is that you can get almost all of the games that you can on the iPad, but they are generally a little bit cheaper.

The nice thing about the iPhone is that Apple understands that you can think outside of the box, and they have come up with accessories that will allow you to connect your iPhone to a television or gaming unit so that you are not limited to the smaller screen.

iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is very much like the iPhone sans the phone section. It is smaller than the iPhone 5 in the screen department, but it does have the convenience of being able to be carried in one hand. It is perfect for games like Angry Birds, Words with Friends, or Dice with Buddies. It leaves a little to be desired in the action gaming category.

The downside to the iPod Touch is that since the launch of the iPhone the Touch has become less popular, and this means that not all games are being created for the iPod Touch. The games that are available tend to be a little less expensive, but there are a lot of games that are not available for the iPod Touch.


The iPad will soon have two options the regular iPad and the iPad Mini. The iPad screen is around 10” where the Mini is around 8”. Both will be great for gaming in their own way. The iPad has a large screen and can be easily connected with remotes or other accessories that can make the controlling aspect of the video game much easier. There are accessories specifically built for the iPad such as the iCade which will allow your iPad to work as a computer and a screen while you are supplied with the old school remotes that you would have had in an arcade cabinet.

The downside to the larger iPad is that it is too big to hold with a single hand, and that is where the Mini is extremely convenient. The Mini is closing the gap between the iPhone and the iPad, and is expected to become extremely popular over its full public release.

Overall, any Apple product is a great gaming product, but the one that is the most versatile is the iPad. Keep this in mind when you are making your next purchase. Sure apps are pricier, but it is worth the money spent once you realize all of the capabilities that are built into it.


Author Bio: Jason Phillips is the person to post this article. He is basically a website designer but in free time he likes to write articles and post them on other sites.

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  • I think iPad is best for gaming buck because iPad have large display and sensetive touch so iPad is the best for its.

  • Yes, I agree with Stephan. iPad have large screen and very sensitive touch so iPad is best for gaming buck.

  • For gaming purpose, definitely the graphics and and sensibility provided by iPad is favorable. The large screen increases exultation and user experience though I found iPhone flexible for playing games, sometimes 😉