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Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering For iPad Review

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June 24, 2012

Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering for iPad is all about action and less about setting the scene, with a story that is not overbearing. But for those who love a great tale, you are entrusted to defeat the Sovering and save the land as one of 5 legendary warriors known as “Scorpions”. After eons of ceaseless bloodshed, the time to destroy civilization’s greatest adversary has arrived, so you must go forth into a 3D world to slay over 100 beasts and complete perilous quests on your way to an epic final battle against the formidable demon.

The game begins by selecting one of five heroes. Each have different skills, affinity and weapons so depending on your style of play you can ground and pound your way through or use magic to take down your enemies. Each portion of the game is divided into chapters of five to ten unique encounters with every victory bringing gold and loot.

These encounters and battles make use of every touch screen control available with directional swipes, taps and motions dictating your every move. Instead of playing like a traditional turn-based RPG, the game feels perpetually active as the characters strike and move the entire battle. Characters and enemies have a respectable amount of animations, resulting in dynamic and exciting fights.

The controls are initially quite basic as a swipe of the finger is all that is needed. But as you progress, the system gets much deeper with various attacks resulting in different scenarios such as collectable mana orbs used for magic attacks spilling from your target or rage orbs allowing you to engage in high risk/high reward combat bonuses. That’s just the beginning as the gameplay becomes far more versatile but these are introduced in a tutorial as you go.

As with any good RPG there are a good number of side quests to complete. Each completed area provides gold that will top up your coffers, while loot can be found to earn large rewards. As this is a “free-to-play” app, that means there are the usual in-app purchases to unlock everything—but where’s the fun in that? The best part of an RPG is exploring the world and hunting down loot and items. Unfortunately there will come a time when an in-app purchase is eventually necessary.

That is one misstep of an otherwise well put together RPG. Juggernaut looks and plays great with a number of modes and a deep experience that should be the very minimum of any RPG.

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