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Keep track of photos you have commented or liked on Facebook

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July 10, 2011

How many photos do your view on Facebook everyday? If you have more than a thousand friends on Facebook, you must come across hundreds of photos everday or every few days. Wouldn’t you like to see the photos you have liked or commented on? Pixable is an application that lets you see a timeline of photos you have liked on Facebook.Facebook photo comments likes Pixable app

Pixable also has apps for iPhone and iPad. You first need to connect Pixable with Facebook. You will then be able to sort through the photos of your friends. Besides that, Pixable also integrates with Flickr and Instagram to show you the most popular photos from these networks.

There are basically two sections, the photo feed section and the find friends section. The feeds section lets you view all the recent photos. In the feeds section, you will see the most popular photos while in the friends section, you can search for friends and see their photos. You can sort the pictures into categories like Most Popular, Family, Friends etc. You can also like or comment on the pictures right from Pixable.

Pixable is a great app for keeping track of the most popular photos and the photos you have commented on or liked on Facebook.

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