LiveProfile: More Than Just Texting

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August 17, 2011

LiveProfile is a free smartphone messenger application that works on the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android devices. LiveProfile improves upon the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) platform by taking Short Message Service (SMS) communications to a higher level thanks to its nifty social networking features. LiveProfile. While text messaging is at the heart of LiveProfile, this cross-platform messenger can do a lot more than just SMS.

First of all, there are no limits to LiveProfile. Long messages can be sent and received anywhere, at any time (although proper Netiquette dictates that lengthy messages should generally be avoided). Second, LiveProfile keeps you informed of the status of your messages in real time. If your friends are busy typing a message, LiveProfile will tell you so. If a message is sitting in your friend’s inbox, LiveProfile will tell you when it is finally read. Third, LiveProfile is an truly international app that works over the Internet. This means that LiveProfile is multilingual and works in any country at absolutely no cost.

Like the BBM, LiveProfile assigns each user a PIN, a unique ID that allows the creation of trusted social circles as well as the use of push technology. Since LiveProfile “pushes” messages and content over the networks, users can significantly cut down on battery use by not having their smartphones connected to the Internet all the time. And the time that it takes for messages to be pushed is amazingly short. With plain vanilla SMS there is always an incertitude as to how long messages take to be delivered, or if they ever got to their destination at all. With LiveProfile all messages are delivered and confirmed instantly.

The social integration features of LiveProfile sets it apart from other instant messaging clients by allowing users to personalize their profiles with pictures and status messages which can be posted to Facebook or Twitter. The user interface is elegant and neatly organized; reminiscent of social networking mobile apps. Millions of users are already using the app, and BlackBerry users ditching the BBM are the fastest growing smartphone platform for LiveProfile (especially now that BlackBerry’s image has been tarnished by the nefarious use of BBM during the August riots in London).

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