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Monitor your Teens use Android Parental Control App

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February 29, 2012

Android parental control is the solution to all the problems that parents who work extra hours face regarding monitoring the activities of their teens. It is known for a fact that teens that spend more time watching the television and playing video games have the tendency to develop health problems later in life. Therefore, parents need to watch over their teenage children to make sure that they do not develop such habits of becoming a couch potato, which could lead to detrimental effects on their health.

How to Keep Tabs on Teens?

Android parental control is an Android app that allows parents to know what is going around their teen, or what their teen is up to, while they are at work or the teens are gone to hang out with the friend. This can be done by making a spy call on the phone of the teen in which the app has been installed. This call makes it possible for one to listen to the surrounding sounds live. The person on whose phone the spy call is made does not find out about it. So, if parents want to know what their teen might be doing while they are at work, or the teen has gone over to a friend’s house, they can make a spy call and find out whether or not the teens are playing video games, watching TV or playing a sport.

Features of Parental Control App

Furthermore, parents can also use Android parental control to to monitor the SMS text messages exchanged between their teen and his friends. It is very obvious that teens make plans of watching a movie together or playing a game on their latest play station or x-box, so this feature is very helpful for parents who want to know if their teens spend more than enough time on these things. If through parental control, parents find out that their teen is a couch potato, they can then take appropriate measures to restrict them from watching too much television, and encourage them to go for healthy activities including sports.


Android parental control’s features can save all those teens that are on the verge of becoming obese because they do not exercise and just sit at home and watch movies or play video games, thus parents should make the most out of this app and monitor their teens.

Author Bio

I’m a freelancer – writing is something that gives me great joy. I’ve been working with teen’s safety measures, guiding parents with android monitoring software technology for a while now. I work by picking up ideas from technology news relating to android and then presenting them forward through my articles. My readers can count on me for the latest and most important android updates.

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