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My Medical – Comprehensive Medical Record Keeper by iPhone

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May 1, 2012

Keeping a copy of your medical records can prove to be valuable, but keeping so many pieces of paper in a file cabinet or piled in a drawer can make them difficult to deal with. Finding what you need when you need it can also be troublesome and in the computer age, there’s no reason you can’t keep your records on your home computer. The issue comes in when you have a medical emergency or are not at home. In either event, you have access to your records, but maybe just not when you need them.

If you have an iPad or a MAC you can download the My Medical app to track not only your medical information, but the medical records for all members of your family. There is also a desktop version into which information can be entered and then synchronized to your iPhone or iPad so you will have the needed records at your fingertips.

Maintaining updated accurate information about your health can provide information for others in event of an emergency. For example, if an ambulance is needed they can access your health information from your iPhone and know what allergies you may have and what medications you are taking before they make any decisions about any action they may take. They can also relay that information to the emergency room before you arrive to have the ER professionals one step ahead of your treatment needs.

You can also store contact information including all of the doctors you may be visiting and the type of treatment you are receiving from each. Information about your general health may be available from your primary care provider along with any treatment you receive from a cardiologist or neurologist as well. In an emergency situation, countless minutes can be saved by knowing what you are suffering from and which professional to contact for that particular instance.

My Medical is more than just a place to securely store your medical records. You can save your test results, including images from scans and X-rays with larger image files able to be stored in a separate digital file. You can also tie information together with other relevant reports so all related information will appear together. An image of your insurance card can be saved on My Medical as well, in event you need it and do not have one in your pocket.

You are able to keep track of upcoming appointments, which many do on their calendar but, the reminders are only effective if you actually look at your calendar. With this app, appointment reminders will send out an alarm directly from the application without needing to go into the calendar. Doctor appointment or test appointments can be stored on the device to ensure they aren’t missed.

Security is one of the most important aspects of saving your own medical files. Instead of having your files on a remote server that could be compromised, all of your information is stored right on your own personal device. It will require a username and password for access to restrict unauthorized access to certain personal reports stored on your device.

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