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Top 10 iPhone Apps for Family Road Trips

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March 22, 2012

When we head off on those long road trips (whether we’re visiting Grandma, or off on an overseas adventure) the one thing you should remember is to find something to keep everyone entertained for the journey. Ten years ago we’d have armed ourselves with the likes of ‘iSpy’ and other simple visual games. Now however, we can pass the children our iPhones and they’ll be entertained for hours just by the magic of selecting a few great apps. If you are travelling with friends, there are plenty of apps to suit too! Here we’ll list some of the best iPhone apps for road trips, both multi-player and individual games, so you can stop watching the clock and let the time fly!

1. Fruit Ninja

(play in pairs or on your own)

This fast paced game is simple and entertaining just like Angry Birds. It’s extremely addictive though so be prepared to tear this away from your children’s hands. The game basically involves cutting ‘virtual fruit’ as fast as you can whilst avoiding the ‘virtual bombs’, but trust us – it’s much more entertaining than it sounds. You’ll be hooked!

2. Monopoly

(play in a group)

This is the classic board game recreated for the iPhone and sure to be a successful addition to your road trip entertainment if you enjoy playing the original. It doesn’t feel as long winded as the traditional board game, but both the kids and friends alike will love playing this digitally-adapted classic!

3. Doodle Jump

(play on your own)

Perfect for family road trips if you only have one child that needs entertaining. If you have two and ask them to share this, there may be some arguments! This game is seriously addictive and very fun – it comes at a cheap price and is full of cute “hand-drawn” animation which children will adore. This game will certainly pass the time, no matter what age you are!

4. Flags fun

(play on your own or in a group)

This app is the entertainment option for the family who like to keep things educational. Your memory will be tested as you learn lots of new world flags and are tested on them in quick succession. Kids will love it if they get to play against an adult – especially if their memory proves to be better than yours!

5. Scrabble

(on your own or in a group)

Not unlike the Monopoly app – this is an iPhone app that has been inspired by the traditional (and very popular) board game. It’s great for older children if they enjoy words and a bit of competition, but this is a better choice for friends – let the battle commence!

6. Plants Vs Zombies

(on your own)

The creators of this game originally said they were aiming for something that fell between “gritty” and “sickeningly cute”. A great choice for boys – they’ll love the animation, the characters and the different levels they can progress to. For us adults, who doesn’t enjoy some zombie action?

7. Road-Trip Bingo

(play as a family)

A perfect game for family and friends of all ages, you can play together to complete the game. The game consists of looking out of the window for different types of cars, trucks, animals, road signs and places. The children will be silent as they keep a keen eye out for all these things – so it’s perfect for those parents who want a bit of peace and quiet. For the older generation, this is almost certain to bring back some memories.

8. Blocks classic

(play on your own or as a pair)

A classic game that is a family favourite and simple to get the hang of! It’ll keep the children entertained for quite a while as they try and perfect their technique and beat their top scores. Perfect for siblings, as they’ll love the competition!

9. Connect 4

(play in a pair)

This great, classic game will have you all competing against each other for hours. A simple one for the kids, and more memories for the adults. The app has really spruced up the traditional game with fun characters and lovely animation – so it’s visually fun too.

10. Angry Birds

(group play or Individual)

This game is one of most high profile and well known in the world of iPhone gaming – if you own an iPhone, or know someone who does, it’s likely you have already played it. The game itself is pretty simple, but you’ll be hooked in just a few attempts – perfect for long road trips and keeping the family entertained for more than ten minutes. You can play together and try and beat each other scores, or play on your own.

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  • danny boe

    I am just now addicted to Cardfeud. I cant stop playing it. Easy,but very funny!

  • precogtyrant

     What kind of game is it?

  • These are cool games.! all of this i have in my iphone