Top 7 Fitness Apps For Fitness Junkie

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October 18, 2012

You can mention fitness apps among the things Android and iPhone smartphones perform quite well. This article mainly focuses on seven top fitness apps. All of these top fitness apps depend on GPS technology to give speed data and location, though some could be adapted for treadmill or indoor as well. But remember to protect your smartphone in a strong case when using it for fitness activities; since these phones are not waterproof.

Garmin Fit App (for iPhone and Android)

Garmin is known for its superior quality automatic fitness GPS devices, so it is not surprising that its pioneer app for Android and iPhone is among the top fitness apps. You can even use it during bike rides and runs. The Garmin Fit App displays calories burned, current speed, route travelled and distance travelled. The interface is not only clear but also easy to use. It’s the additional features that set this app apart from others. You can even plug in an ANT+ adapter to get signals from the Garmin heart rate monitor.

Adidas miCoach App (for iPod touch and iPhone)

Adidas coach is one of the free top fitness apps and measures distance, speed, elapsed time and calories burned. Adidas has aggressively extended the miCoach line to include a pacer unit for the treadmill exercises and heart rate monitor (wireless) accessories. You can set up miCoach app with personalized audible alerts (for instance, for the heart rate pace or range).

Google My Tracks (for Android)

There are quite a number of Android OS smartphone users who find this fitness app more appealing and for obvious reasons. It is one of the top fitness apps that offer several functionalities freely. With Google My Tracks app, you can track your position on the map and also monitor distance, time, elevation and speed in real time. This app is also popular among backpackers and hikers.

Runkeeper (for Android, iPod touch or iPhone)

If you are a serious runner and are looking for the top fitness apps, then Runkeeper app is your best bet. This app goes beyond the norm to provide features for runners like split times, target pacing and interval workouts with audible cues. One can even input workout stats manually if he/ she needs to perform a treadmill exercise with the intention of saving it. There is a separate hardware for wireless heart-rate monitoring and Runkeeper app can store all your heart rate information if you choose to.

iPump and Fitness Builder (for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone)

Although expensive, this app is worth the price. It includes workouts drawn from several unique equipment and exercises such as TRX, foam roller, BOSU, kettlebells and weights among others. You can search workouts by keyword, goal (cardio, abs, arms etc.) or location (gym, home, hotel etc.).

Personal Running Trainer (for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone)

This is one the top fitness apps and it provides training programs for a full marathon, a half marathon. 10km, 5km or 1 mile. All you have to do is select a preferable program and get workout schedules with coaching instructions voiced over your music.

Daily burn (for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone)

Daily burn also features among the top fitness apps and offers various features for inputting foods, tracking your exercise program and monitoring your weight loss. You can also check detailed instructions on how to perform different workouts.

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