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3 Sports News Apps that’ll Keep You Updated on the Go

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August 24, 2012

For sports enthusiasts, getting updates on a certain team, player, or sport can be one of the most important tasks on the go. A minute away from the television or computer can mean the difference between witnessing a goal by your favorite player and missing it entirely. As these objects have to stay at home, the most reliable device to stay up to date on sports has become the smartphone. While most smartphones carry sports apps, the iPhone App Store certainly carries the largest selection that’ll fulfill your every sporting need. With that in mind, here are 3 top sports news apps that’ll quench your thirst for sports on the road available for the iPhone.

Customize with SportsCenter XL

Developed by the Entertainment Sports Programming Network (ESPN), which is renowned for its diverse amount of sports coverage, the SportsCenter XL app allows users to customize and focus on their favorite teams without hindrance. Push news by the second on specific teams during games, and read daily news and blog pieces on any significant occurrences. If that’s not enough, you can browse news for other teams and sports in just a single convenient click. Free for the iPhone, sports fanatics now have the luxury of up-to-date sports news at their disposal.

Challenge Yourself with FanFeedr

If simply getting news on sports isn’t enough, FanFeedr could be just the app for you. Revolutionize your experience with sports by using its social network feature to compete with friends while getting up-to-date news feeds on your favorite sports. Though missing a few sports, the app sufficiently covers the most prominent sports of North America, such as the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL. With FanFeedr, you and your friends can pick teams and compete for points based on wins and losses. Available for free, FanFeedr is great for sports fanatics to keep busy with on the go at no cost at all.

Listen Live with iTuner Radio

Listening to a sport live might be one of the better options out there for sports enthusiasts due to the emotions broadcasters are able to transmit with their voices and words. iTuner Radio delivers over 30, 000 radio channels, with many of them focusing on sports that hold your attention. Keep up with almost every single sport you can think of while doing other tasks. The iTuner App also includes a user-friendly search engine that’ll allow you to manually search for stations located anywhere on the globe. As if that wasn’t enough to do, feel free to browse through minute-to-minute updates on scores or to skim an article on the side. For an app that fulfills more than just mundane updates on sports, it’s certainly worth checking out for the small price of absolutely nothing but your time.

While sports-specific apps are generally better at providing unique coverage on their sport, typical sports fans usually find themselves wanting to keep up with more than one sport. These three apps solve that problem by providing adequate reporting on different sports without having to switch apps all the time. Enjoy sports news on the go without a hassle.

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