Top travel apps for your phone

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July 7, 2011

There is a plethora of excellent travel apps for mobile phones today. There are noteworthy apps for iPhones, Blackberrys and androids. Below, one will discover a couple of valuable applications for each type of phone. Blackberry offers HRS Hotelport and Kayak. Android offers TripIt, Skype, FlightView. IPhone offers Travel #s and Help Call. Essentially, each phone provides great applications that will enhance your travel experience.

Blackberry Travel Apps

HRS Hotelport

This handy application allows you to search from more than 200,000 hotels across the globe. You can check pricing, availability, amenities, and things nearby each hotel. You can also see valuable photos of each property that can provide a better insight into hotels on your short list. Once you find the hotel of your choice, you can book it online from your blackberry. This application is straight to the point and highly functional.


This succinct app lets you compare prices and details on flights, hotels and car rentals. You can track flights, view your itinerary, check airline baggage fees and get contact info for airlines and airports. Truly handy and easy to use.

Android Travel Apps


When you sign up for a Trip It account, the TripIt app can consolidate your travel itinerary into a tidy layout. It allows you to checkin to flights, check the status, check weather and more through your Android phone.


As you know, Skype is not exclusively for traveling but it comes in handy while traveling. While traveling internationally you can make calls overseas or local calls for that matter.

Is the top of the line of flight software for your android. With Flightview you could receive real-time flight status and track actual flights on a map for flights worldwide. Maps are zoomable and even gate numbers are accessible prior to arriving at the airport.

iPhone Travel Apps

Travel #s

This app supplies you with a free directory of contact phone numbers to many businesses that are vital to a traveler including car rental companies, hotels, and airlines. Yes, it is easier to book online and avoid calling the companies all together, but having the phone numbers is convenient if you need to reach the company for a particular reason such as changing a reservation, arriving late to a hotel, or for help from the concierge.

Help call
This important app connects you with emergency phone numbers such as police, fire, ambulance or family. This handy tool can be programmed to call a certain person if the phone is shaken so that the call can be placed even if you are unable to press a button.

The Blackberry, Android and iPhone mobile phones offer many valuable travel apps that can be used to simplify your travel experience. Although the list above is not an all-inclusive list, this exposes you to what is available out there for each phone. Ultimately, one should maximize the uses for mobile phones. By doing this, traveler’s can save time while also becoming more efficient and effective in planning a trip.

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  • Anonymous

    I love to travel, so thanks for
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