Top weight loss iPhone apps

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June 26, 2013

If you can keep a better track of your food habits and your daily calorie intake, you can significantly lose more weight. And what better way to do so than doing it with your smartphone? There are hundreds of applications for Andorid and iPhone that help to keep tabs on your dietary habits and track your calorie intake. Here are some of the best weight loss and diet apps for iPhone that will help you lose weight faster and in a better way.

Lose It

Lose it has both free and paid versions with the paid one sporting more features than the free version. Its one of the best weight loss apps out there. The app is equipped to create a daily calorie budget based on your personal details and your weight loss targets. Details on your daily exercise, your calorie intake etc. need to be entered after which the app displays a dietary plan that would work best for you. Lose It has a comprehensive food database complete with calorie counts for a wide number of restaurants.


Another awesome weight loss app is the MyFitnessPal calorie counter and fitness tracker app. The app is one of the most used apps by weight loss enthusiasts. It also has a barcode scanner to check the calorie value of your food. It has a database of over 750,000 foods  that it uses to calculate the calorie value of your foods.


The free version of the Eatery app would meet the requirements of most of the weight loss enthusiasts. The Eatery weight loss iphone app allows users to rate the healthiness of their meals besides offering other meal tracking features that is pretty standard to most of the other weight loss apps. The app helps combine the food ratings with your food diary to give you a data on your eating habits and how you can eat healthily.


Fooducate is a weight loss app that lets you scan the barcode on various food products and matches them with their food database. The app displays a grading for your food and helps track your weight. Besides that it also suggests on how you can improve the quality of your food in terms of their nutritional constituents and other factors.


Fitocracy was launched by two overweight game addicts. It has now become one of the top apps for weight loss fanatics. It is more like a game. The users of the app, known as “Fitocrats” play with others to improve their fitness, workouts and get advice on the same. Users generally begin at a basic level and depending on the difficulty of their workouts, they earn more points and reach to the next level. The app is available for free for Android and iPhone.

These weight loss apps would definitely help you lose weight and stay fit in many ways.

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