12 Tips To Become A Successful Blogger

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August 7, 2011

Blogs are mushrooming all over the internet like weeds in a garden. Some blogs have been outstanding successes, while some have earned mediocre success. Some others have died virtually unknown deaths. To which of these categories do you want your blog to belong? How do you ensure that you learn from your mistakes and get your blogging basics right? Here are ten tips, ten things that you can do to succeed at blogging.

1. Remember Time Is Money

What is the right mindset of a successful blogger? How do you train your mind to focus on being a blogger as the core center of your world? If you think of blogging as something you do just to pass time, you won’t build the discipline and the routine you need to become successful at blogging. When it comes to blogging, time is money; be stingy with this resource. Don’t waste time on activities that bring you no benefits. Put aside time for family, friends and life, but remember the more time you invest in your blog, the more successful your blog is likely to be.

2. Develop Self Belief

The route to living up to your complete potential begins with self-belief. If you don’t believe that you can spin magic online, you are never going to make it. It doesn’t matter if your friends think you’re the next best thing to sliced bread. It’s what you believe at the core of your self that matters.

3. Have A Bias Towards Action

Dreaming big dreams and making plans will only get you that far. If you don’t take the action that’s needed to turn your fantasies to reality, your dreams remain dreams. Action is not something that you indulge in only sometimes. Every moment of a blogger’s life is a cause for action. Responding to comments, thinking up new ways to promote your blog, building relationships, networking, generating additional streams of revenue – timely and constant action is what will get you success.

4. Persevere

It’s not possible to escape failure no matter what you do. Accept that you will fail at a few things as you go along. Don’t allow failure to stop you from keeping on at your goal. Too many almost-success stories have come to a grinding halt just because someone gave up the moment something failed.

5. Feel The Passion

Being passionate about your blog plays a huge role in cultivating the right success mindset. Passion increases focus, and over time you’ll be addicted to your blog’s success. Passion will make you work harder to make things happen.  If you want to enjoy watching the results of your blog, you need to approach your blog with true passion, or there’s no point in having a blog.

6. Prioritize Tasks And Maintain Focus

Everyone has way too many things to do and it’s easy to get overwhelmed, which is why you have to develop focus on what’s important to you. Downsize your tasks and figure out what needs doing immediately, and do that task first. Success is a process; it’s not a gift from heaven. You can succeed only by cutting your overall process into tasks, prioritizing them and maintaining core focus on each task till it’s complete. This way, you won’t waste time on unproductive things, and will work proactively towards your goals and dreams.

7. Maintain A Routine

Whether you’re a full time or part time blogger, it’s important to stick to a routine.  Sticking to a routine, daily or otherwise, will help you stay focused, take action consistently and remain committed to goals. You may have brilliant blogging abilities but without a routine and the proper discipline, you won’t succeed in building a fan following. Be consistent with your posts and retain reader interest. This takes a firm routine and self-discipline.

8. Become A Subject Matter Expert

First and foremost, select a blog niche with which you’re completely comfortable. With the number of blogs out there, reader loyalty is hard to come by. Determine to be a subject matter expert in your niche and provide consistently unique content to your readers.

9. Up On SEO Tricks

Learn to apply basic SEO to your blog so that it becomes search engine friendly. Alternatively, you can hire a professional to do the SEO work for you. You must know what keywords people use to search for information related to your niche. Use the right combination of keywords and generate traffic for your blog.

10. Build Reader Relationship

Don’t forget that you’re doing all this to build readership. When a reader drops a comment, don’t forget to respond and follow up on it. Responsive blog owners are always more popular. Ask for feedback; find out how your readers liked your blog and what they would like to read in the future. When you make changes based on reader feedback, let the readers know what changes you’ve made. This allows your readers to feel a sense of accomplishment.

11. Network With Other Bloggers

Put aside some quality time to visit other blog sites in similar niches. When you like a blog, make sure to comment on it, and place a link to your own blog. Make positive criticisms which will be helpful to other bloggers but stay away from being negative. The idea is to get other bloggers to link back to you and their readers to visit your blog as well.

12. Use Savvy Tools To Boost Traffic

Use a free tool such as Google Analytics to find out how much traffic and what kind of traffic your blog generates. Monitor visitor trends; find out how many new visitors come to your blog as opposed to return visitors. Using Google Analytics and other webmaster tools, you can monitor the strengths and weaknesses of your source traffic and find ways to improve it. By analyzing traffic, you can identify problems as they occur, eliminate any site design snags and optimize site design, navigation and content.

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