5 Great WordPress Tweaks

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September 4, 2012

WordPress is one of the world’s top blogging platforms, so if you are new to the game or a very experienced blogger, there are good odds that you have WordPress powering your blog. Here are some WordPress tweaks that you could use to make your blog even better.

An open source blogging platform, developers are finding innovative new tweaks all the time that can better your WordPress blog, and this can unfortunately make it tough to find the top tweaks that will optimize your site.

The following great tweaks for WordPress are just a sampling of some of the fantastic things you can do to enhance your blog. You may already have some favorite tweaks of your own, but adding the following five to your repertoire could really give a boost to your blogging.

1.) Use the WordPress tweak plugin.

Tweaks can’t get any easier than this! This well-reviewed plug in is simple and free. This plugin makes tinkering around with the CSS easy as pie. You can’t tweak as much with this plugin as you can manually, but you don’t risk messing your blog up with a slight mess up. Clicking boxes and selecting from dropdown menus lets you customize almost anything.

2.) Tweak your permalink.

Your permalink is a big deal, especially if you are into SEO and getting eyes onto your site. Your post titles probably contain keywords, and you want those keywords to end up in your permalink. The standard permalink isn’t only an ugly jumble, but it is also unhelpful as it doesn’t mean anything to search engines or to visitors. Change your permalink so that the post name is the permalink, and maybe even the category too.

3.) Get the All in One SEO Pack.

Speaking of SEO, or search engine optimization, you probably know that it can be somewhat difficult and time consuming. You can tweak your WordPress blog with the all in one SEO pack to make SEO quicker and easier than it was before. Using this plugin, you simply have to plug in a little bit of information and the plugin takes care of the rest.

4.) Speed it up.

No webmaster wants their site to be slow, mainly because visitors hate slow sites so much that they might end up clicking away and never coming back. To make your WordPress blog load up even quicker, consider a plugin called WP Super Cache, which will make your page load even quicker especially when you start getting a lot of traffic.

5.) Ditch the Spam!

Spam in the comments can be time consuming for you to delete, and it can be a huge turn off to your visitors. All that spam left in your comments makes your site look spammy. The tweak that is the solution to all this spam is silly simple: activate the Askimet plugin. This plugin comes with WordPress and acts as a spam filter, letting actual comments get through and keeping all the spam hidden away.

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