7 Ways to Make Your Blog Stand Out

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November 18, 2012

With literally thousands of blogs available throughout the web there are some things that you are going to have to do to make your blog stand out from the rest if you want to accumulate traffic. Some blogs come out and they are instantly a hit while other blogs come out and they are lucky if they get twenty viewers a day. This article is going to explain the seven ways that you can make your blog stand out to insure that your blog is one of the ones that make it.

Format Your Posts in A Creative Way

If you are one who is looking to catch people’s attention while also standing out in a good way creatively formatting our posts is the way to go. You do not have to do this with every single post however if you do this from time to time you are sure to become known for your posts formatting which in return will have people curious to come to your blog and see it for themselves.

Use Infographics

Infographics are becoming very popular in the blog community. This is because bloggers are finally realizing that infographics allow them to get their message out in a fun and creative way while also allowing them to reach larger audiences. Not to mention the fact that they are easier to make versus writing out blog posts.

Use Your Own Voice

The most popular way bloggers are finding for them to make their blogs stand out from the rest is to use their own voice. Every blog post does not have to sound the same instead use your own voice so your readers can get to know you and see the type of personality that you have to bring to the table.

Take Risks

If you want your blog to be successful you are going to have to take risks. What is meant by this is take a risk when it comes to writing. You can blog about topics that other bloggers wouldn’t dare think about blogging about. Obviously, everyone is not going to like your opinions but who cares? This is not only going to make your blog stand out but it is also going to entice your readers to want to comment on your posts so they can state what their opinions are on the topics as well.

Write For Your Readers

Many bloggers get so caught up in writing for Google that they push away their readers all together because there content is just like all of the other blogs on the web. No matter what your niche may be just always remember, to keep your readers in mind first and Google in mind second.

Get To Know Your Readers

Many bloggers do not take the time to actually get to know their readers. This is something that is so easy to do to. You can make sure that you comment on all of the comments that your readers make on your posts and even interact with them on the various social media sites as well. Getting to know your readers is something that is very important if you want your blog to make it. Not to mention the fact that you will also earn the label of being the coolest blog owner ever.

Use Great Headlines

This is the last tip that we are going to share but it is certainly not the least. Using great headlines is the best way to get your blog to stand out because your headlines are going to arouse curiosity in readers and they are going to be dying to know what the post is about

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