Create podcasts for your blog with Odiogo

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December 15, 2008

odiogo Your blog might be getting lots of visitors everyday and may have thousands of subscribers. People read your blogs as a direct visitor or via RSS. But people may not have time to read it on a scheduled basis so many of them tend to miss some great posts on your blog. So, why not create a podcast for your blog so that people won’t need to strain their eyes reading but enjoy the content just by listening? Or just magnify the exposure to your blog to people who are addicted to nothing but podcasts? Odiogo is a service that can convert your posts into high quality audio files, thus creating a podcast and demands you to do nothing but sit back and relax. And the service is absolutely free!

Odiogo creates a text-to-speech podcast for your blog. Odiogo is compatible with most of the blogging platforms like WordPress, Typepad, Blogger or Overblog. When the audible versionscreate blog podcast of your blog posts are ready you will be notified and the audience to your blog can begin listening to the podcasts which are broadcasted from Odiogo’s server. Actually Odiogo calls it a Podiocast because it is not originally generated by humans but generated electronically from text. So you need not worry about the bandwidth problems and other technical settings.

Odiogo_create_podcast iPod/MP3 players or other supporting portable media players can be used for listening to the podiocasts. People who own these devices can get the audible version of your posts which are uploaded automatically when they synchronize their devices and the outdated items are automatically cleaned from the device. This makes them easy to get updated to your blog even when they are working just by listening to the your blog’s podcasts.

For wordpress users, Odiogo provides a plugin which should be uploaded in the plugins folder of WordPress directory and activated from the admin section. One needs to enter the feed id of the blog provided by Odiogo and then add the subscription widget to the podiocast into the sidebar. An audio widget is also added on the top of the each post so that the visitors to your blog can listen to the post on the fly. But you should activate the RSS full text option from the admin for full version of the audio files.

Odiogo’s Control Page allows you to share you Control Page on Facebook, Delicious, Digg etc., listen to individual audio posts, or stream your blog posts. Odiogo may also be used for generating revenues but you will be qualified for that only when the listnership to your blog reaches a significant level. So with all these features don’t wait to use Odiogo for creating podcasts for your blog.

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