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How to Optimize Your Business Blog for the Search Engines

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August 16, 2011

You’ve read about the importance of blogging on your favorite blog and you’re starting to take some steps to begin your new blogging career. You already know how important having a great design is to having a great first impression on your readers and you’ve done every other great thing you can think of.

Your main aim is to make money from your blogging efforts, but it’s now months and those Google ads on your blog aren’t bringing in a cent, you have to face the reality of business blogging – you discovered you are doing something wrong.

The first step towards making money as a blogger is realizing the difference between business blogging and hobby blogging and just as every successful business needs customers, every successful blog needs traffic that can convert.

The best source of traffic to a blog can be the search engines, but the majority of bloggers still can’t figure it out. This article will be giving you a few basic tips to help you optimize your blog to get the best in terms of traffic from the search engines.

Optimize Your Titles – Make Effective Use of Your Keywords

A lot of people don’t want to do any work, they are not ready to learn how to optimize but they want that traffic to be flowing in to their blog.

The reality is that even though links have a great influence on how your website will be ranked in the search engines you can easily ensure you get quality rankings with a few backlinks by optimizing your blog posts titles and your blog title with the right keywords.

For example, I’m targeting the keywords “nutrisystem code” and “medifast promotion codes” for my blog and my main aim is to dominate the search engine ranking pages for those terms. Instead of using the name of my blog as its title or one vague name I can easily increase the chances of its ranking by using a title like “WeightLossTriumph – the best nutrisystem code and medifast promotion codes for you“. I’m not saying you should do it exactly like that, but you’ll notice that I did two major things with the above title (i) I was able to optimize the title for my brand (ii) I was able to optimize the title for my two major keywords.

A title like that in the above example will ensure you both serve your readers and the search engines.

“Links Control the Web”

Links control the web. How many times have you heard that before?

In case you have never heard the above phrase, it is something commonly used in the SEO world. What this means is that even if you have the best content with the right combination of on-page optimization it won’t get you anywhere without enough quality links.

You won’t get anywhere without links to your website so you should focus your efforts on building as many quality links to your website. This means you should focus on writing great posts that gets linked to, you should be contributing valuable comments to relevant blogs and you should be actively guest blogging for others.

Make Effective use of the Social Web

If you don’t know anything about SEO but you’re very good at social media, then this might be good news for you.

Every search engine that matters today now factors in the social media interaction on a particular article before it ranks that article. What this means is that if a lot of people are sharing your post on Facebook and Twitter that will be sending a signal to Google and other search engines that your post is useful and highly appreciated and this deserves to be ranked high in the search engines.

John Smith is a freelance writer that is well-versed in SEO and blogging best practices. He helps people find the best discount and coupon deals for the nutrisystem code and the medifast promotion codes.

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