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Manage multiple WordPress blogs through a single administrator interface

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February 18, 2012

If you are a professional blogger, it is highly likely that you run more than one WordPress blog. Bloggers may want to cover more than one niche of their interest and therefore may go on building more than a single blog. But, if the number of blogs is high, you can have a hard time managing and monitoring all those blogs. If that’s the case with you, ManageWP  can be of great help.

ManageWP lets you manage all your WordPress blogs with a single login. You can access all of your WordPress Dashboards from a single location. What’s more interesting is that if you want to install a set of plugins on all of your blogs from your sources, you can do it one time and they will be installed on  all your blogs.

ManageWP also offer backup solutions. If you want to make backups of all your blogs, you can do so from the ManageWP dashboard. You can customize your backups with some advanced options as well. If you want, you can also schedule automatic backups. You can not just manage all your WordPress blogs from a single place but also setup a fresh wordpress blog using ManageWP. It also lets you clone your existing WordPress site.

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  • ADY

    found what I was looking for. Great article, thanks