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I was looking for info on the best plugins available on word press I couldn’t find anything better than my own list, maybe I am just a bit you know sort of prig (not...

The Last Word in WordPress – eCommerce Plugins

WordPress slogan speaks for itself – it is free and priceless at the same time. Initially developed for blogging WordPress now offers much wider options. It provides users with the ability to establish beautiful website for free. WordPress CMS also offers priceless opportunities to publish quality content and launch an online store. This makes WordPress one of the most popular solutions to set and manage eCommerce business.
It is simple in operating and thus is especially beneficial for eCommerce newcomers and non-technical merchants. However, can WordPress provide you with the first-class store management experience? Let’s have a closer look on the WordPress based shopping carts with
their pros and cons to answer the question. WordPress Plugins Peculiarities.

Top 7 Business Apps for Android

With an ever increasing technology, businesses are increasingly becoming convenient and easy to handle. The little device in your hand called your smartphone has been equipped with applications that it can take much care of many of your business requirements.

7 Ways to Increase Your RSS Followers

There are a number of effective ways on how you can increase your RSS followers. If you are thinking of doing this for your website, then take a look at these seven important ways, follow them carefully and you will definitely be able to increase your subscribers in no time.

7 Ways to Make Your Blog Stand Out

With literally thousands of blogs available throughout the web there are some things that you are going to have to do to make your blog stand out from the rest if you want to accumulate traffic. Some blogs come out and they are instantly a hit while other blogs come out and they are lucky if they get twenty viewers a day. This article is going to explain the seven ways that you can make your blog stand out to insure that your blog is one of the ones that make it.

Top 10 Blogging Dos and Don’ts

Here we have a list of ten do’s and don’ts. The don’ts are listed first and are five of the most silly and self indulgent mistakes that any blogger can make. If you are clever then you will keep these five points in your mind as you write, and then you will go back and check your work when it is done to make sure that none of the “don’ts” have crept in.

My favourite five WordPress plugins

One of the main reasons why Wordpress is so successful is due to the support of its users. This is generally in the form of plugin development, with the platform boasting tens of thousands of different plugins that one can benefit from. However, while it’s certainly nice to be provided such an avalanche of choices, it can be daunting and there may be times where you have to select which plugin will be most beneficial to your site. Following on from this, I have compiled a list of my five favourite plugins for the system which I always install on all of my websites.

Softswitch Technology – Changing The Way How Businesses Communicate

Technologically, the world has advanced in many areas. Let it be in the area of medicine, science and IT or space science, man has seen quantum change. No field has been spared of modernisation. Incidentally, telecommunication is one area, which has developed enormously since the last two decade, and the credit goes to the internet.