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Update Simple Tags plugin to fix Permalink redirect in WordPress 3.1

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March 7, 2011

Simple tags is a very useful plugin that helps in adding tags to your posts. It automatically populates a list of tags as you start typing in the tag section. It also has an option to link to the tag pages through posts. If you are using simple tags and use permalink redirect plugin, its high time that you updated Simple Tags plugin for WordPress 3.1.

I use permalink redirect plugin by Scott yang to redirect permalinks within Techattitude. I also use Simple Tags plugin by Amuary Balmer. Today while I was looking through some of the posts on my site, I found that the permalinks that would automatically redirect to the original post page earlier after matching the post slug (thanks to the permalink redirect plugin) weren’t redirecting in that manner. Instead the URLs would get redirected to the homepage. I gathered that this must be a glitch regarding WordPress 3.1 but later on learnt that it wasn’t the case. Then I noticed that there were lots of plugins that were waiting for updates. I then updated each plugin one by one and tested to see if the permalinks were redirecting properly for each action. After updating Simple Tags plugin that lied midway in the list, I beamed up as the redirects started working fine.

So, if you have installed Simple tags plugin and are also using permalink redirect plugin for automatic redirection to the main canonical URL, you should update the Simple Tags plugin for the redirects to work fine.


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