15 Ground-breaking Instant Messaging Applications for your Android Device

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July 2, 2013

Android primarily developed by Google is an OS based on Linux with a Java programming interface. The benefits of using Android is that besides providing a rich user interface library, it allows background processing and supports 2-D and 3-D graphics using the OpenGL libraries. Moreover, it allows access to the file system and provides an embedded SQLite database.

Development of Android applications is facilitated by essential tools provided by Android Software Development Kit (Android SDK) that includes a compiler, debugger and a device emulator, besides its own virtual machine to run Android programs. Here we are discussing popular applications for Android devices in the ‘Instant Messaging’ category.




Whatsapp is undoubtedly one of the most popular instant messaging applications for Android devices. The popularity of Whatsapp has raised many folds in a year and its credit goes to its ability to send unlimited number of chat messages to your friends and its support of automatic synchronization of contact book with the application.


Viber Chat – another popular instant messaging app available free for Android devices, lets you connect with friends using text messages or calls. Moreover, with Viber Chat you can even make free HD calls using your Android device. This IM app is also available for iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Phone devices too.


Skype is the most professional instant messenger application that allows you to send free IM messages and make free video calls with your Contacts anywhere in the world. Another advantage of using Skype other than its cost-effectiveness is that it can help communicate faster even with less Internet speed too. Also Skype powers free Skype-to-Skype messages, VoIP-based phone and video calls.


Talk.to is a free, simple instant messaging app for Android devices and its USP is its neat interface and ability to send free SMS to phone numbers around the world. But make a note that the free SMS limit is 200 messages and you get 5 free SMS every week if your SMS credit limit goes below 200 messages. The app also has support for Google Talk, Facebook Chat and Windows Live.


Line is an instant messaging application for Android devices that allows you to send free messages and make calls all over the world. A latest report from the provider reveals that it has a customer base of 94 million LINE users in over 230+ countries across the world. Besides, allowing you to send unlimited number of text messages using its chatting system, it lets you make (free) voice and video calls too.


Use Nimbuzz instant messaging app to chat with your friends on Facebook, GTalk, or Yahoo Messenger anytime. It also allows you to make cheap international voice calls, send unlimited chat messages, and share files on any mobile device across popular messengers. This is also a cross-platform service available in Android devices along with iOS, Blackberry & Windows Phone.


WeChat instant messenger application, available in 18 different languages comes with powerful chatting features, and allows you to make free HD video calls, voice calls, and text messaging with Ad Free environment. It is available in Free and Pro versions; but you can initiate by downloading the free version in your Android device that lets you do most of the things like voice call, video call and chat to name a few.

Kik Messanger

This new instant messaging application has taken the smartphone world by storm as it has registered a record 450,000 downloads in the first 10 days of launch. The best part about this app is that it is quicker and more social than SMS. Moreover, KIK Messenger is asynchronous, i.e. it allows you to access and see messages immediately – including even when the other person with who you are chatting is typing. Also, it lets you know when they have seen (read) your message actually.


This messaging application for Android devices is a cross-platform application that lets subscribers send photos to other subscribers. However, it creates a niche here with a special feature that allows users to set 1 second to 10 second expiration time for a photo. So if you want to share a rather personal or embarrassing photo with your closest buddy, you can do so without being wary that this will find a place for itself in the social networking sites.


Thismobile chat app from Samsung is not limited to just the Android platform; as Samsung has released versions of ChatOn that work with BlackBerrys, the iPhone and even Windows Phones as well. But the priority is that irrespective of any device, both the user should have ChatOn for exploring the messaging facility.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the instant messaging application from Facebook for Android devices as well as other platforms like the iOS, Blackberry and Windows. It has recently been updated to include a unique new feature called Chat Heads.


There are 3 instant messaging applications from Google – Google Talk, Google+ Messenger, and Google Voice. While Google Talk or GTalk as it is commonly called is the instant messaging app available to Android devices, it shares its base functionality with Google+ Messenger, which is again a discrete chatting app that pegs into Android users’ Google+ accounts. On the other hand, Google Voice, which is intended more to be a calling service even though it functions as a messaging service as well; is entirely separate and is available to both Android and iOS devices.


Tango offers the best user experience of video chatting with your buddies for free. The best part about Tango is that it automatically finds its users from your contact list and connects it with you.

Kakao Talk

Kakao Talk is a popular instant messaging application for the Android device now used by over 72 Million people worldwide. Besides the basic features, it also supports several advanced and unique features besides free themes, group messaging, free HD calls, and 250+ emoticons amongst others.

ebuddy Messanger

Considered to be one of the most popular messaging applications online, ebuddy Messenger supports various chat services such as MSN, Facebook, GTalk, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, etc. to name a few. You just need to create an ebuddy ID or login with your social network credentials and enjoy the experience.

Which is

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