4 Advantages of Satellite Internet

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September 5, 2012

“Satellite Internet” — Well, it’s still a quite rare term to hear about but this certainly is about to become a commonly talked-about thing in the near future. It’s not uncommon to have erratic Internet connection at your home or office where the signals are sent to your device via cable lines and get routed to your computer through a routing device.

Satellite Internet, however, eliminates this and instead, uses a dish or similar receiver so that you receive the signals directly from the satellite. This dish transmits the signal to cable wires and from there it is received by your device.

Because people are not that aware of satellite Internet, here are a few points which will help you in understanding why this amazing technology will gain popularity soon –

  1. It Is Easy To Use – Although it sounds complex and rather confusing, satellite Internet is much simpler in actuality. The only new thing involved is the dish that will be installed outside your house by a technician. Once the dish has to be set up, there is nothing you need to do and no other device you need to deal in. When you think of it this way, it is actually just as simple as your usual Internet connection.


  1. It Is Unaffected By Service Outages – In your usual Internet connection run by telephone or other sources, if the said source faces a power outage or outright failure, your Internet is hit by it too. This means that your Internet gets dependent on proper functioning of your telephone and cables. However, this is where satellite Internet comes out as a better alternative. It remains unaffected by such outages and is much more reliable in that respect.


  1. It Supports Multiple Users – Dial Up Internet suffers from the flaw of not being able to support multiple users. If you want to login through another device, you have to log off from the previous one. Even for other kind of connections, there is always a limit and a set number of users supported. However, satellite Internet supports unlimited number of users which can be a huge advantage, especially for large offices and institutions.


  1. It Has Better Availability – Normal Internet connections fail to be available when the terrain gets difficult. For example, in rocky or mountainous regions, it is almost impossible to run the cable because of geographical difficulties. Same goes for ships sailing at sea. This problem is not faced by satellite Internet because it can be received anywhere, irrespective of the geographical issues.


Not only this, satellite Internet ensures that you are always connected to the Internet, no matter what. Unlike other connections, you don’t have to log in or do anything of that nature with this form of the Net. It remains unaffected by changing users on your computer. It is a new and extremely efficient technology that must be given a try if you’re tired of your erratic Internet connection.

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