5 Most Popular Websites in the US

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June 13, 2012

The internet is a strange place sometimes, almost like a popularity contest in so many ways. There are some web sites in particular that are always at the top of the heap in popularity, and then there are some web sites that are still popular, but perhaps a little over the hill, and thus way past their glory days. Then, there are the new kids on the block, the modern web sites that rise in popularity seemingly overnight. Most of these websites fade away also, but not always. Every once in a while, there is a website that has something new and improved to offer and will then stick around as one of the most popular web sites for years to come.

1. Google.com

Google has pretty much rigged the system these days, as most people have their homepage set to Google simple because they have a Gmail account, or because they are using Google Chrome as their web browser. There have been plenty of controversies surrounding Google and its perceived monopoly on search engines and new e-mail accounts, but most people do not seem to mind. Google started out as a lowly search page and has now blossomed into a gigantic mountain in the middle of the technology age. Now, Google has their hands in smart phones, mp3 and music, news, social media and just about everything else you can imagine. They have not always been very successful, but they have created some good products and have revolutionized what is considered possible in the internet age.

2. Facebook.com

This is yet another rags to riches story of the internet age, as any who has seen the Social Network can understand. Facebook was created by some college students in their dorm room, and then somehow it blossomed into the social media giant that it is today. Not only that, but it is now a publicly traded company, which means it is in the big time for now. Some things have come up regarding privacy issues, and the perception that Facebook’s business model is unsustainable, but for now that does not seem to worry the millions upon millions of people that visit the site on a daily- if not hourly- basis.

3. Youtube.com

Youtube is the go-to place for instant entertainment. They pretty much have every video you can ever imagine, or at least just about every video you can ever imagine. Because the site is free, it is one of the most popular sites on the internet and has made stars out of normal people all across the world.

4. Wikipedia.org

This online encyclopedia is controversial because the facts it uses are somewhat dubious at times- since anyone can alter and edit the pages and entries, but it is still the best friend of many a lazy college student.

5. Twitter.com

Yet another example of America’s love affair with social media. This site has sparked pop culture in ways that most other sites have not.

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