An Online Strategy For Charities

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June 26, 2012

Getting your charity out in view for the public to see can be quite difficult. Since there are literally thousands and thousands of charities in every single country you will need to do something special to make people aware of your cause. What makes things worse for some charities is that they might be competing against more established, well-known and better funded charities with the financial means to make glossy adverts and hire people to look for donations.

A great way to market your charity is by using the internet and all of the tools that it has to offer. Some of these things will take a bit less time and effort whilst others will take a considerable amount of time and effort. One way to start it all off is by creating an account on all of the major social media networks. Publishing relevant, yet not too pushy, material that readers can engage in will serve to earn you a more captive and sympathetic audience.

Given that you adopt this strategy of utilising social media, you need to keep your pages up to date and always offer fresh content. A Facebook profile without a single post for a year will not be taken seriously and you will soon be forgotten. You should try making videos and post them on YouTube. Depending on the charity and what people you have at your disposal this can be a great way to raise awareness.

If one of your members is a particularly good speaker or has a very inspiring story it might be worth recording a short film about them and their struggles. Videos can quite easily go viral if they are produced properly and carry the right message. This could raise awareness not just in your local area, but around the world. The Kony2012 video had millions of viewers in a matter of weeks and moved a cause from the back rooms right in to the spotlight.

Everybody loves a competition and if you have a website for your charity this is a great place to start. If you can organise a weekly or monthly raffle or prize draw for the people who donate money to your cause it could be a great way to get more followers. Another possibility is to give away free t-shirts etc. branded with the logo and message of the charity. Just 10 or 15 a month to people who give their name and address can be more than sufficient. Even though this is a charity we can’t get away from the fact that everyone loves free things. They will then act as walking advertisements for your charity if they wear the items and is a good reason for you to focus your attention on bags or hats that can be worn by many people in public.

Try to do a bit of link building as well and get your message out on a few authority websites to boost your rating as well as the awareness of your cause!

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