Benefits of satellite over cable TV

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December 29, 2012

Choosing a satellite TV connection over a cable TV connection is a wise idea nowadays as satellite comes with great many benefits over the older type of TV providers – the cable ones. By choosing a satellite TV provider you will receive: digital programming which comes with great picture and sound quality, a cheaper monthly payment due to the fact that satellite services are generally cheaper than the cable TV ones, more choices and capabilities in terms of programming, the usage of the latest technologies for an improved TV experience, high definition broadcasting as well as a greater variety of options and more freedom for you. When you take all these benefits into consideration, how can it not be clear that satellite TV is the better choice than cable TV? Let’s see the benefits in more detail:

Digital programming – with a satellite TV signal, the programming that you will receive will only be digital. In simple words, the signal that you will receive is going to have top quality of the sound and the picture on every channel. On the other hand, you have the old cable TV services which are still analog due to the fact that they are limited by bandwidth. Even with the latest cable TV improvements such as Digital Cable, these services still won’t be on a par with the superior digital signal.

Cost – most of the time satellite TV will be cheaper than cable TV. Depending on the services that you wish to purchase and your location, the amount of savings that you will get might vary. In the end, you can be sure that most satellite services will be a lot cheaper than the cable TV ones, so if you pick satellite you will be left with more money in your pocket and a superior service in your home.

Programming capabilities – cable systems are quite limited when it comes to the total number of programs while that is not the case with satellite TV. There are satellite providers that can supply their customers with over 500 TV channels, data and Internet services, which will mean that you will have much bigger freedom and will be able to choose from much more channels.

Technology benefits – as satellite TV utilizes only the latest technologies in the sphere of TV entertainment, features that make watching TV way easier and enjoyable are added in that service. There are many programs, movies and sports events which are ‘pay to view’ and come encrypted with the latest theatre sound encodings which will enable you to watch and enjoy them on your home theatre TV set. Not to mention all the features that will enable you to see details of the shows and programs, the advanced parental control options as well as many other great benefits.

HD broadcasting – this is one of the greatest benefits that satellite TV has over cable TV. HD broadcasting isn’t limited with satellite TV and that makes it the better choice when it comes to supplying your home with a TV signal.

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