Checklist for Computer for Trading When You’re Trading for a Living

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June 28, 2012

The world of technology is accelerating at a very quick pace, and if you’re not keeping up with it, as a day trader you will be left in the dust. Wall Street and day trading have been intertwined for decades now. It’s to the point where the two rely heavily on the other. If you’re serious about being a successful day trader, then you’re going to need a computer for trading that is a beast. Here’s a checklist of the components you’re going to need to get on the ball:

  • A super-fast processor: The world of day trading revolves around making decisions fast. If you’re not on the floor of Wall Street, then you’re doing trades behind the screen of your computer. This computer needs to be of high caliber when it comes to processing speeds. Right now, the best processor on the market happens to be IVY Bridge i-3770. However, having a processor that ranks 10,000 or higher on the CPUBenchmark list is what you need to find. Whether you’re streaming videos, editing videos, running multiple indicators or drawing charts, you’re going to need a CPU that can handle the daily tasks at hand. Without it, it could be your financial demise.
  • Improve Your Trading with Multiple Monitors: Since your computer monitor is essential your window to the market, it’s a rule of thumb that you have multiple monitors for your computer for trading. In some ways, the more monitors you have, the bigger your window. It’s the key to making fast decisions. Trading computers that have only one monitor limits day traders in a crippling way. High frequency traders need to be able to keep their eyes on multiple running applications at once and the only way this can be done is with multiple screens. You can set up your work station to have one screen viewing your current positions, another for charts, one for market indexes and one or two others that allow you to do Web research.
  • Fast Hard Drive and Maxed Out RAM: If your computer doesn’t support more than 6 GB of memory RAM then you are severely limiting yourself as a day trader. Other than having a superb processor, you’re going to need lots of RAM and a fast hard drive. The best one for trading computers is the solid state hard drive. Day traders have plenty of data and software stored on their hard drives and they need to be able to access it very quickly. Regular magnetic hard drives process too slowly. Combining a solid state drive, or SSD with a maxed out memory RAM will ensure that you can run all the software you need seamlessly at one time. SSDs make the difference between waiting for half a minute for programs to load versus a few seconds.

As a day trader, you know how much you rely on your PC to give you the results you want. This is why it’s important for you to have a trading system that is equipped with the fastest processor, an SSD and maxed out RAM. If you would like to learn more about buying trading computers, visit today.

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