Colocation or the Cloud?

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August 24, 2011

Since the release of the iCloud in June, regular internet users have become enthralled with the concept of the cloud computing. However, many don’t realize that they already use it on a day-to-day basis through programs such as regular e-mail, Google Docs, and Flickr. Businesses have long been incorporating cloud technologies into their IT departments, but the recent surge of interest in and the prices of cloud computing have led many wondering if colocation services wouldn’t be better.

Colocation refers to the practice of placing multiple small businesses with the same hosting needs in a singular location so that they may all benefit from greater bandwidth use. While the service is more expensive than traditional hosting, it does provide more bandwidth use at a more affordable price. But how does colocation differ from the cloud? In three distinct ways:

Colocation Price

If you plan on having 100 percent utilization, then a colocation option will be substantially cheaper than choosing a cloud service. But if you don’t plan to use hosting at full capacity, such as for the average internet user, then a cloud service would be much more affordable.

Colocation Security

Cloud computing is secure, and isn’t likely to crash unless the internet goes down which makes it incredibly favorable to some. However, in spite of cloud computing’s multi-layered security measures, they can still be hacked. Colocation facilities have dual security measures as not only is your own company protecting itself, but the colocation service is also providing additional protection. Unless both your office and the center goes down simultaneously, you will remain secure on the web.

Control of Colocation system

With a colocation center, you have greater control over the software and hardware in which you are using. With cloud computing you are given specific programs from which to work from and have to wait on service providers to provide you with the updates you may need. With a colocation center, you can update when you need to update, and are able to more directly manage your systems.

If you aren’t running a small business, then a small cloud computing service may be a great option for you. However, if you are a small business that is expanding rapidly, choosing a colocation hosting service may be the better option. It will not only be more inexpensive, but it will also better provide you with the bandwidth and control your business needs to succeed.

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