Common troubles with cloud computing

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September 2, 2011

While cloud computing services have been booming lately, you should understand that not all companies who avail of Cloud computing services are able to get a good experience. As with anything, there are a variety of experiences; some would get a good service while some would expect a more troublesome situation.

Some of the common troubles that are encountered by companies who try to avail of a cloud computing service would often include:

Realizing that they do not have a sufficient Internet connection:

If you would like to use a cloud computing service, then you should also ensure that you have a good internet service provider. You should understand that by sending your files and systems through a computer cloud, you are basically saying that you would need some form of data connection to access them.

If you do not have a good internet connection, then the retrieval and upload of your files would take some time which could decrease your company’s efficiency and productivity. Also, another thing to consider when it comes to an internet connection would be the sudden increase in its utilization because of the cloud computing service. Thus, you may want to also increase the speed limits of the current connection that you are using.

Downed servers:

If you are asking a cloud computing company for their service, you may want to inquire if they would guarantee that their cloud system would be up 24/7. Having to rely on the cloud would often mean, having to rely on the provider’s stable data centers.

If your partner has an unstable cloud, then you would definitely encounter some form of hardship when trying to utilize the cloud computing service. You would not be able to access your files and other systems during situations that their cloud servers are done.

The great thing is that these two common troubles are easily solved if you engage the services of an excellent Cloud computing company. This is because a good company would be able to assess your existing systems to gather whether you actually have a workable infrastructure, as well as offer you reliable cloud computing services that would not put you in too much danger of down times.

That is why you should only partner with cloud computing companies who are able to guarantee that their services would be able to work well.

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