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Do not be worried for the damaged CD or DVD disc – Powerful utilities are there to recover the data back from them

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January 12, 2012

Apart from the system hard drive, CDs and DVDs are the mostly used data storage media. Many Mac users store their important data in CDs or DVDs. Even, some users use these  disc drives for taking regular backups. But, unfortunately, with many important data in them, these devices get corrupt at times and all the data becomes inaccessible. However, in such cases you can run any CD DVD recovery utility to retrieve the lost or inaccessible data back.

Sometimes, while trying to copy the content of a CD/DVD or trying to read the same, the drive becomes inaccessible. There are situations, when either the CD/DVD drive becomes invisible or the the system just tries to access the drive, but the CD/DVD never mounts.

In Mac, there can be a number of reasons behind the above problem, which can be listed as below:

  • It is possible that the CD or DVD drive has been corrupted
  • There is some problem with the CD/DVD driver
  • The CD/DVD has been corrupt or damaged

If the CD or DVD has been inaccessible due to a corrupt drive or missing driver, then you can fix them manually. First you need to check the working state of the CD/DVD drive of your system by inserting another working disc. If it worked fine, then there should not be any problem neither with the drive nor with the driver. But, if you guess, that the driver has been corrupt, you can reinstall the same from your system disc through disc sharing or via firewire target disk mode.

However, even after successfully installing the driver, if the CD/DVD is still inaccessible, then chances are there that the same has been corrupt. There are several reasons for which these CD or DVD discs get corrupt. Some of the most prominent reasons can be – the improper writing of the discs, scratches on the disc surface, older or incompatible ISO formats, sudden system shutdown, while writing, fresh writing to a multi-session disc etc.

Whatever be the reason behind the corruption or inaccessibility of the CD or DVD drive, you can retrieve the data back by the help of third-party CD/DVD recovery software. These utilities are specially designed for the CDs, DVDs and efficiently recover data from them. Moreover, these utilities are completely risk-free and there is no chance of further damage to the discs.

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