Drupal CMS – The Best for Web Development

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August 4, 2012

Drupal, a free open source CMS or Content Management System, is written using the PHP language. There are actually many different CMS readily available; however, Drupal CMS remains the most sought after mainly because of its very unique features. It is utilized not just by website developers, but website designers as well, since it makes an online site very interactive, user-friendly, robust in terms of appearance and helps in GUI (Graphic User Interface). Listed below are several essential features which separate Drupal from other Content Management Systems.

Creating Custom Content

Drupal offers custom content creation and this is an excellent feature for many CMS developers. Practically all the content can easily be formed with the use of a variety of templates that come with the Drupal CMS. Developers get to save plenty of time since there is no need for them to write (manually) lines upon lines of code. Templates can easily be modified as Drupal gives access to a very intuitive GUI. With Drupal, going back to different variations of a webpage that is being altered is very much possible with just some simple steps. Doing this is pretty hard in other CMS.

Search Engine Friendly URL Optimization

Making their website search engine friendly is very important for businesses, and the structure of their URL is extremely essential for this. There is total control of a website’s URL structure with Drupal. In Drupal, every page is divided in nodes and there is actually a URL node for each page. For this, Drupal permits a URL alias and developers are able to create search engine friendly URL for every node. This URL customization option is what actually makes Drupal stand out from the other CMS.

Management of Multiple Users

With Drupal, website developers can control as well as share content easily with multiple users. Not like with other CMS, web developers select the content that will be shared. The Graphic User Interface helps to alter these settings and thus making it very easy to make use of. Whatever alterations the web developer does to all the shared web content are all reflected instantly over the whole live site with the excellent security feature. Such features make this CMS a favorite amongst developers.

Integrated Setting for Website Development

Developers prefer Drupal since it is extremely user-friendly. Drupal, along with all its amazing features are created on a single base platform with seamless compatibility. If a web developer wishes to integrate a new add-on into the Drupal CMS installation, it works flawlessly with the Drupal base platform; hence permits developers to create faultless websites.

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