Fujitsu Lifebook X2 – A Concept Laptop that folds into quarters

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April 15, 2011

The portability of laptops can be mainly credited to their designs that can be folded into half. Laptops have been around for lots of years now but the folds are still limited to two. Why not fold it a couple more times to make it even portable and easy to carry around? Well Fujitsu may be making an attempt on that very soon.

Fujitsu Lifebook X2 concept may be exactly what can be asserted as a design revolution for standard laptops. Designer Park Hyun Jin has shown a few concepts of what a laptop could be like with four folds. The design shows a full QWERTY keyboard, a trackpad and a display that in itself is folded into two. A half folded concept with an onscreen keyboard was also shown. Have a look at these images.
Fujitsu Concept laptop that folds into quarters
Fujitsu Concept laptop that folds into quarters
Fujitsu Concept laptop that folds into quarters
This concept is actually not totally inconceivable in terms of practicality. The only thing that withholds is the screen that would be harder to produce without a visible seam upon unfolding. A laptop that can be folded into quarters can be a lot more portable to carry around and with a full sized keyboard, it would be easier to work on it as well.

Source: Engadget

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