Getting a Job in the Tech Industry

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July 17, 2012

We all have our passions and hobbies, whether it’s playing football, reading books, riding motorbikes or trying to come up with the next global phenomenon like the iPad, but not many people take advantage of their skills and interests and turn them into careers. There are so many people all around the world who are currently unemployed or in jobs they don’t enjoy, but they don’t know how to get into a position where they can feel as though they enjoy going in each day as opposed to going in, getting through the day, collecting your pay packet at the end of the month and doing it all again next month.

The technology industry is one where so many people have keen interests but never make the move into. With millions of people around the world spending hours each day playing on games, working on new software, building their own computers and working in some part of the industry like SEO to give an example, it’s strange to think that these people aren’t working in similar fields and getting paid for it.

There are numerous careers out there where people can use their skills and interests and make a highly profitable career. One example is to become a games developer. People all around the world are sitting at home right now playing on football games, racing simulators, role-playing games and strategy games, picking up on every little fault with the game saying “why is this happening, surely if they did this it’ll be much better.” With that knowledge of what is wrong and how to resolve it, they could move into the development or designing of computer games and become a part of the next FIFA game or Grand Theft Auto, two globally popular games.

Another career move could be into web design or computer maintenance. Rather than fixing your friend’s laptop in exchange for a beer or endless cups of tea, take that talent and knowledge into a career. There are people all over the world looking for someone who knows what they’re doing to come and fix their dinosaur of a computer or provide recommendations for what they need to improve it, or even teach them how to use certain functions.

Either way, there are endless career possibilities, many of which could prove to be self-employed careers in the industry, allowing you to do what you want, when you want and earning money just for using your existing knowledge of something that interests you. Got to be better than sitting in an office all day doing something you hate, right?

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