How Technology Is Changing the Way We Live

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April 11, 2012

Technology is earning its place in our lives on an increasing basis, and people already depend on technological advances for a number of routine tasks. A whole new world of changed habits has massively altered people’s lives with the breakthroughs in science and technologies that enable further facilities to be introduced and relieve people from mundane operations and to speed up the carrying out of more sophisticated ones.

Until several decades ago, people used to ring directory services to find out the telephone numbers they were looking for. They went to the cinema when they wanted to watch the latest blockbusters or spy capers, or romance dramas, and they had to adapt their daily routines in conformity with viewing hours. People went to have their films developed and afterwards their photos printed. Nowadays these services have become things of the past, and people cannot realize how they lived without technology that has now offered advanced services far superior to the above mentioned ones.

Communication used to depend on the reliability of telephone connections and the slow rate of delivery of snail mail. Nowadays it takes seconds to send emails to the farthest corners of the globe. The Internet has introduced revolutionary changes in communications. Not only email services offered as complimentary ones by a vast number of websites, but also social media play a crucial role for daily communications between people as well as business advertising and marketing offering attractive prices and free shipping. It has been pointed out that increasingly more people nowadays rely on round the clock Internet connection not only for their personal use and needs, but also for their essential business purposes.

Some people who feel nostalgia and look back on dated services in the pre cutting edge technology times argue that the personal message of ordinary mail letters or greeting cards is lost or completely obliterated by modern technology. However, most people recognize the enormous advantages of modern communication technology and are certain that the present level of electronic devices and the functions they fulfill with efficiency and seamlessness are worth using, as the benefits by far outweigh the lesser personal impact of ordinary letters and postcards.

Technology has transformed the field of photography in a manner that brings veritable convenience for millions of people. They can now take their digital pictures, store them and print just the ones that they need to have on paper, and browse the others or show them to friends and relatives without the need for printing each single photo in order to see what quality it has. Prudently storing photos on hard disks or CDs as backup ones can ensure all photo archives remain even in the event of some obliteration on their desktops or laptops.

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