How to Write an Effective Press Release

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July 2, 2012

Press Releases are an effective way of promoting a product or service to the press. As journalists are often restricted for time, press releases must be concise, newsworthy and have a good angle.

The leading paragraph must instantly grab the attention of the reader and be targeted towards the general public. If you know your press release is being sent to a particular publication, targeting it to their individual house style could get a more positive reaction.

Using a direct and eye catching headline is the best way to make your story catch on. Revealing your most exciting news in as few words as possible will also help you to focus and define the angle of your story.

Be clear and concise when wording your story and state your intentions clearly. Include what it is you are promoting, why this product or service is the best on the market, and who this will benefit.

Using quotes from an expert or adding relevant statistics will also help your argument to seem newsworthy and will help to back up your claims.

Often it is best to rewrite your press release to suit a different target audience as writing to journalists at The Guardian is different to writing to journalists at NME Magazine.

As the press are used to receiving vast amounts of press releases, keep it short and sweet. Press releases that are a single page are more effective and more likely to be noticed.

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