How Video Games Are Expected To Change The Storm Of The Internet Industry By 2012

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June 8, 2012

Video game is a million dollar industry with millions of consumers worldwide increasingly searching for the most thrilling games. Fifa 2011 and Mortal Kombat were some of the most preferred games in the year 2011. 2012 is expected to take the gaming industry to a whole new level as major players in the market like Xbox and Nintendo Wii jostle for market shares.

This article looks into detail some of the video games that are expected to take the gaming industry by a storm in the year 2012.

BioShock Infinite

For lack of words, the developers of BioShock Infinite game can simply be described as intellects. Having introduced into the gaming market a mind boggling atmospheric game that this generation has ever seen, they decided to go a mile further by giving the game a whole new direction. Unlike other types of games accessible in the market, it’s hard for a gamer to predict the direction which the game will take. The graphics used in the game are totally amazing.

The Last Guardian

The team that is responsible for creating Shadow of the Colossus as well as ICO is one of the most reputable game developers in the world. Their reputation is not just as a result of luck, but shear handwork. The team has the capacity to think beyond the norms and offer ardent gamers experience like no other, which goes on to show that people don’t just play video games as a way of killing time. They have an imaginative approach to narration which is unparalleled. This in turn enables the team to create video games with suspense like story lines. It is expected that the moment The Last Guardian is launched into the market it will captivate the imaginations of most gamers.

Mass Effect3

Mass Effect3 is the ultimate finale to the trilogy which was launched into the market early last year by one of the most reputable game developers in the gaming industry. As such, it is largely expected that gamers who have been keenly following this game are looking forward to the release of the grand finale. Mass Effect3 allows gamers to create their very own customized Commander Shepard. Every character is unique as it enables gamers to craft characters according to their story line. While the game is expected to be launched sometimes this year, it is thought that the final episode will come in the year 2012.

Halo 4

Given that there are more than 300 Industries involved in the creation of the game, there are some uncertainties in the air in regards to the effectiveness of Halo 4. Halo Anniversary is fast transforming into a formidable opponent in the gaming world having released some of the most fascinating games such as Master Chief. It is anticipated that Halo 4 will contain fresh contents that will enable gamers to explore the world of gaming in a different way.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising

This is also another game to look forward to having had a taste of MGS4.

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