Keep your Data Backups Safe, Simple, and Fast

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September 19, 2012

Data backup has become quite common to all of us. Thanks to those computing viruses, online thieves, and device crackers. To have proper backups, people nowadays have become quite active. They know the importance of having proper data backups, and how to store them safely. You can’t expect to have data backups that are not being stored safely. Besides, you need to have faster backup system, so that you can work with them in case of emergency.

Most of us prefer using Windows operating system for our computing devices. In case of Windows 2000 and Windows XP, we need to create back up for the documents and setting folders or the folders we select to have all our data or information. For Windows Me or Windows 98, you have to create a safe folder in another hard drive. You can also try using CD for storing information, but they can’t be the permanent solution.

Making extra copies of tax files, financial records, and business information are must. We also prefer saving out important emails or text messages, or even video contents. Important files can be stored through various formats; you can’t obtain a backup system that can only support one or two format. For an entire hard drive system’s back up just like disc image which can help you recovering your data files quickly and safely in case of system failure or any other catastrophe. But it will include the cost of purchasing another hard drive which may face system failure. You can’t assure to have absolute backup plan after restoring them. The best method of creating drive image is to execute the backup after doing reinstallation of your windows, and get all of your applications getting active again. A disk image contains a patched version of windows, and all of your preferred applications that have been configured on your wish. This can be a time consuming process to create proper backups of your folders and data files. Besides, it also takes much time to make reinstallation of your operating systems along with applications from the original versions.

Most of your preferred applications and windows installation folder sets by default option. We don’t change the windows installation folder or the application installing folders. But, it is the most vulnerable site while working with the windows based boot partition as it is the most crowded place of your operating system. Making a new partition system for saving up data files can be relatively easier, and much safer than anyone can even think. It is safe because, you are not overwriting any of your files while reinstalling the operating system. One possible option is to make use of C drive for installing the operating system, and create two or three other partitions such as C,D,E or you can name like Movies, Music, Personal Files to keep things isolated. This will help you finding your important files within quick period of time.

There are some applications to make the partition work much easier and faster. You just need to do some queries about their functional abilities, and purchase one of them to do your work.

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