Learn to Control Your Computer with Gestures

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October 5, 2012

Yes, its true. You can control your PC with Gestures. Whenever you are in hurry, now you do not need to use keyboard or mouse. Now it can all controlled by your hand movement and gestures. Read this article to learn how to control your PC.

Controlling Media Player with Hand Movements

Believe me, you don’t need any hi-fi gadgets, the only additional requirement to a computer is a functional webcam.

Visit FlutterApp.com and Download a suitable application for your OS, install the Application. While launching this app for the first time, it will configure your webcam and give instructions for gestures. As a next step you can launch Winamp or Windows Media Player or any other application and play the sound track. Then raise your palm inorder to pause/play the song. Yes, it is so easy.

Controlling Media Player with Facial Gestures

To control the media player, download an open source application from Sourceforge weighs about 2.5 MB. Its name is Viacam by which you can control media player with facial Gestures. Run the application and click the green button to start tracking your facial gesture, you can press the Red ‘X’ button to stop tracking.

Using this application your facial expressions can control the mouse. For clicking an element, it is enough to to stare at some angle for few seconds. I swear you will love this application.

What’s Next?

This is way better. You can use a gesture tracking accessory for your PC and it will let you control your PC activity no matter if it is a game or general browsing with Hand Gestures. It doesn’t need games specifically designed to work with it’s SDK unlike XBOX Kinect. It can power almost any activity that can be controlled by the mouse.

The news is now Leap Motion is looking for developers to take it to next lever for creating games to integrate it entirely with the peripheral. It is point accurate even tracks 1/100 th millimeter movement. So unlike accessories like remote you don’t need to take it in your palm. It is all about running by your hand gestures.

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